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He threatens to kill five innocent people if Booth doesn’t break off the engagement. Yes No Report this. I was so looking forward to a Pelant season finale. I have had enough of him How is it not a single security or intelligence agency set tripwires to flag any target he might potentialy hack? They did come pretty close, though, when he stole all of Hodgins’ money in the span of about ten seconds. You beat me to the punch. Everything I’ve read seems to suggest that the next season will be its last no matter what transpires.

You are successfully logged out. Generally only a small portion of assets are liquid ie easily hacked and transferable funds. You must only upload images which you have created yourself or that you are expressly authorised or licensed to upload. JavaScript and Adobe Flash 9 or above are required to view this video. How is he not dead? Unless you want to rap up your final season s by loosing your fan base and destroying the chance for a good run on the re-runs. The entire storyline since then has been ridiculous and too full of holes. There probably is a simpler word to use than oscillatio, but I don’t know one off the top of my head.

Now that boens have been much better drama but no, now I’m just bored with this show. It is a simple thing for a Judge to order him to be held in custody until they sort things out. Bojes have to admit, Pelant’s a great villain, but compared to the Grave Digger and Broadsky finale, you kind of get disappointed for holding on to your seat and not seeing the finale you’re waiting for.

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I didn’t even realize! And I hate Daisy is the most stupid intelligent person I’ve ever seen. The actors and chemistry is so good and they are well written as flawed people who totally get each other.


Sweets begins to suspect Pelant, and then realizes that Pelant is using Sweets’ old papers from grad school as a how-to guide. And clearly he had been talking about it non-stop as we saw earlier in the episode.

Bones: 8×24

Emily Daschanel’s real-life pregnancy rushed an otherwise nicely paced romantic storyline bone Bones and Booth. To reflect, when they broke up Hoggins and Angela and then did not continue with that part of the story for the next few episodes I stopped watching for a while.

Noel’s link seems to confirm that it will come back. I was so looking forward to a Pelant season finale. Share this Rating Title: Overall, he seems to have been shot 12 times with a USP 9mm. bomes

The Secret in the Siege

Yeah, any one with an Internet connection. Create a free ShareTV account to make a personalized schedule of your favorite TV shows, keep track of what you’ve watched, earn points and more. I really enjoy procedurals, but when you’re not a straight procedural meaning no on-going character arcs like what you have in a portion of procedurals these days, including Bonesyou have two avenues to fail on.

Add to My Shows. I think you’re right that she pronounced the double-L like a Y on analogy with Spanish? Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Bones is, sadly, stumbling along on both its cases of the week and the character stuff.

Booth heads over there, as does Brennan, and he gets there in the nick of time: As far as Pelant goes, I thought he was a great character bonex the other episodes he was in, but I felt that in this episode, he could just do too much.


Still waiting for someone to help me out with the terrible Latin, though That, sadly, is par for the course. That’s a horrific mixture of English long vowels, a Romance language ll, and a classical hard c.

In this show, we expect to believe that the scenarios we are seeing are realistic, they have to make us believe that this kind of thing could possibly happen. I would to know which show that was. Booth and Bones are fine the way they are, without being married.

I hope that the writers and producers read these forums to learn how stupid their stories are, and how much they disappoint and piss off their fans! Speaking of their home, am I right in remembering that Pelant had substituted one of their alarm clocks with an identical looking one with a bomb in it?

This last season seemed that someone went and told the writers to ignore absolutely anything that is in touch watcy reality.

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I also thought that Pelant’s coup de grace was out of character. Fav Episodes from Diff Series. Anyway, the other plot theme got too little play in this episode.

Couldn’t he explain to her in private what was going on? This reviewer is right, all he had to do is write her a note.