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Hum TV series s Pakistani television series Urdu-language television programs Pakistani drama television series Pakistani romantic drama television series Television series by MD Productions Television series based on the novels of Farhat Ishtiaq Television series created by Momina Duraid Pakistani telenovelas Pakistani television dramas based on novels Serial drama television series Pakistani television series debuts Television series set in Lahore Television series set in Punjab, Pakistan Pakistani television series endings television seasons. Whilst she enjoys the company of her sister, she again feels very helpless, as her feelings for Irtiza do not die. There is an artificiality in the whole setup, everything is just so perfect as if anything imperfect has been neatly brushed under the carpet. Why would you even do a movie and drama same people same story — honestly dumb! What are you watching these days? This obsession did not develop overnight nor did it happen in a vacuum … how come nobody picked up on it? Are you still watching this one, Sk?

According to BizAsia , the first episode of the series was watched by 65, viewers at The rating of Bin Roye blockbuster made a huge in UK. And if anything ever happens to him she will die! Bringing drama to the movies”. I am eagerly looking fwd to your thoughts.. Irtiza goes inside the mall to get Maaz’s cake, and Saman gets excited seeing flowers, she tells Saba to wait for her in the car and she will go get the flowers, Saba stops her and tells her that Irtiza can get the flowers, but she does not listen and heads off, when Saman is returning from getting the flowers she gets rammed in by a car in front of Saba’s eyes!

Saba does get married to Irtiza but continues to stay her old self and continues to live in the room upstairs. Irtiza soon realises that Saba is angry with him due to the proposal, Irtiza talks with Saba and reasons with her! There is an artificiality in the whole setup, everything is just so perfect as if anything imperfect has been neatly brushed under the rye. Television portal drama portal s portal.


Irtiza reasons with Saba and tells her that he will be back in 2 years. He says that the love he has felt for her all these years is very pure, it is the kind of love that is not selfish but selfless, this love only wants to see her happy, the love he has for her cannot be shaken up no matter how rude she is with him, no matter what she does, he can never hate her, he says “You expect me to hate you, but someone who has loved you all their life can never hate you!

Irtiza obliges and goes with him, while coming back from the construction site Irtiza and the friend meet with an accident! The next morning Saba feels guilty about what she said about Saman, and apologises to her Grandma. Retrieved October 5, Hearing this Irtiza gets very angry and tells Saba’s father off for even paying heed to such a proposal!

Praying for your health to get better. Patching of songs in to the narrative is another weak area.

The family tell Irtiza that Saba should also go along with him! The series is directed by Sakina Samo and and features stories written by a number of writers. Saba is absolutely furious on learning that Irtiza has proposed marriage and gets extremely angry, she goes up to Irtiza and tells him off!

Irtiza gets angry seeing this and starts insulting the husband, after which the husband tells Irtiza that Saba always knew about this, and that no one had stopped her from telling you guys!

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Seeing her happy has always been his priority in his life! Also I am not a fan of Humayun Saeed. Eatch you guys watching khuda mera bi ha on ary watcg Notify me of new posts via email. Both Saman and Irtiza are overjoyed, and feel that the guy will be a great match for her. Upon landing in America and in the house where Saman and Irtiza used to live, Saba starts to feel very disturbed!


Bin Roye Episode 1 Full HD NEW HUM TV drama 2016

Haay Haay…off to find some PTV classics! One day Irtiza loses his patience and forces Saba watc come downstairs to his room.

Bin Roye was originally scheduled to release between April—July[11] but latter it was announced that it would be released after Eid-ul-Adha.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Its always good to get your sane view on these dramas instead of the hype. So fab to hear from you — seems like its been ages since we last spoke. Irtiza gets upset hearing this! Retrieved October 1, Saba is the same, I mean, the variation you would see is that you will see a lot more shades to her.

I am following sang e mur mur only and started khuda mera bi ha. Did you watch it?

I mean come on when this girl was what like eight years old she was so abnormally obsessed with this older guy like a psychopath and under the impression that he has no life other than walking in royye around her.

But it will not just be a film; it will also be turned into a serial to be aired on Hum TV with the same cast. The shoot is done and most probably will on air somewhere between April and July of this year. Soon after Saba gets a proposal for marriage.

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