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Harsh who is stuck in a traffic jam wonders why Hema has summoned him. Meanwhile, Aman searches for Divya but undergoes several hardships in the process. When Mahua reminds Sindoora that Dr. Sagar goes happily trotting with the anklets and Chandra sees him. Hema informs Vidya that Kaushalya had transferred the house in her name. Enjoy this super hit song from the movie Sindoora again tries her best to keep them apart as their union will mean a threat to her life.

Raghav tells Vidya that he is happy to have got Sagar married to her before dying. However, Raghav asserts that he knows whats right for his son. Vidya snatches the phone and lies that she is fine. Kartik goes away and when Vidya is cleaning the cupboard, a carton full of Sagars photographs falls. Kartik tries to flirt with her but Cheenu arrives just then. Meanwhile, Kaushalya is worried sick about Vidya but Radha pacifies her. Sagar goes happily trotting with the anklets and Chandra sees him.

When Shalu is asked to give tea for Uma, Shalu accidentally spills it on Uma’s sari. Enjoy this super hit song from the movie In fact, she is the one who caused the deadly car accident to kill Sagar but was unsuccessful.

Banoo Main Teri Dulhann – Episode 700

Vidya reaches home but is caught red-handed by Hema. She sees the phone but is ignorant about how to use it.

Raghav asks the priest to complete the remaining rituals but Sindoora arrives then and demands that the wedding rituals be stopped. However, Sindoora takes the phone and asks Kaushalya to take Vidya away if she is so worried because Vidya is not needed there!

She then drags Vidya and asks her to stay in an unused, smelly room. Just then, Sindoora asks them to let Vidya try talking to Sagar. Mahua says that Vidya would harm everyone, including Sindoora. Raghav gets worried seeing Sagar in a playful mood and wonders that who will marry him and look after him. After Vidya goes away, Sindoora praises him. Cheenu mentions to Sagar about it, and promises that, in return, he would get a pistol from Vidya.


Terj drags Vidya and locks her in a room.

Banoo Main Teri Dulhann

Kaushalya is sure that God will protect Vidya. However, in the process, one of the leaves of the letter falls in the river and the page gets smudged. Hema comes there and promises that Shalu will look after Sagar but Raghav rejects the proposal. He asks Vidya to come to him any wtach she needed him. Cheenu and the cook help Vidya, and the sisters are surprised to see lunch ready!

Uma heads to the kitchen but Vidya who’s hiding there manages to escape. Meanwhile, Mahua tells Kartik that she would like to get pregnant, so he pretends to be worried about getting a child like Sagar. So Sindoora demands that her belongings be checked.

Raghav is happy that Sagar and Vidya have got married but worries about the impending storm awaiting him at home.

Sindoora and her sisters suddenly announce that Vidya will cook lunch for all of them within 20 minutes! As punishment, Hema goes to scald Kaushalya but Vidya promises her aunt that she will stay away from Raghav and his wife.

Rpisode Day Shahanaj Tanni 5 years ago. Vidya promises Sindoora to keep her tastes in mind. When Kartik leaves, she seeks Sagars help to dial the number.

Vidya and Sagar are performing the nuptial rites when Sagar stops midway and runs to enjoy tri rains. Sindoora, Sagar’s evil ex-stepsister wants the Thakur property to herself and will go to any height to gain it. On the other hand, Sindoora tells her sisters that loneliness and neglect from their father had got the better of their mother and she had died. Raghav asks Vidya to promise him never to leave Sagar.


Just then, Kaushalya bahoo and Vidya is happy.

Hemas daughter, Shalu, too leaves no stone unturned to humiliate Vidya and dumps all the household chores on her. Radha is only able to read the other page that asks Vidya to come to the temple in the evening if she agrees to the match. Most beautiful pics of divyanka tripathi divyanka tripathi is Indian actress Divyanka Tripathi, also known by her married name Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya, is an She tells him that unlike his mother, she wanted him to recover dulha Raghav tells Episod about the consequences if their daughters get a whiff about Sagars wedding but she pacifies him.

Meanwhile, Kaushalya is worried sick about Vidya but Radha pacifies her.

Hema thinks about how to summon him to stop Vidyas marriage. I don’t own anything of this video. Sindoora again tries her best to keep them apart as their union will mean a threat to her life.

Uma begs him to come down. Sharad Malhotra beachluver14 11 years ago. The lecherous Kartik too wants to take a look, so Cheenu asks him to only look at the brides reflection in water!