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By Ember Island Players?!! Gosh, my favorite moments in the series? I love The Ember Island Players. I’ll get my meta about the Kataangst out of the way first. Oh, and as for my favorite scene… shoot, I don’t even know. I’m going to have to agree regarding Iroh’s Tale.

The Earth Palace Guards I love synchronized attacks. I love the looks on Aang and Zuko’s faces when they see the end of this part of the play, they know how it really went down. That’s truly a joy to behold. Or the one where Aang swallows the puzzle piece and the Man in the Big Yellow Hat has to take him to the hospital. I am SO excited for the finale! I cannot put into words how much I appreciate that.

Seeing himself portrayed in that way brought about that ridiculous poorly timed kiss. Representing his Brainwashed nature with crazy hair, hooks for hands, googly eyes, and droning “Must… serve… Earth King” while his death is depicted with a hollow rock prop falling on top of avatwr that the actor fails to get into properly?

I already think this episode is great, so I might have to suck it up and grit my way through the movie if I can get another layer of appreciation.

Having Aang and the kids watch a play about their successes and shortcomings was a great device to reflect on where their journey began and how far they’d come. You might not think this is a big deal and you are correct it is silly. My biggest favorite is probably when Aang strikes the final blow in “The Drill”.

I love the looks on Katara and Zuko’s faces as they scoot away from each other. I remember at NYCC the year season 3 aired, they agatar the first act of this episode. As for this episode itself- I love it.


Avatar The Last Airbender S03E15 – The Boiling Rock, 2 – video dailymotion

We were are really crushed by his choice not to make the break avattar join Team Avatar in Ba Sing Se, so when he did finally do the right thing — and do it so awesomely — we all started yelling “Go Zuko! Basically, I like avvatar about everything in this episode.

The hilarity of it just gets me everytime which is why I am extremely upset that, for an entire SUMMER, NickToons would refuse to play it during the consecutive hour block of Avatar every weekday morning simply because the odd number of episodes avatad the third season mess their schedule up.

Iroh’s tale as a whole in “Tales of Ba Sing Se” as s03ee15 as “The Avatar and the Firelord” are also two episodes which have really marked me from the entire series. It wouldn’t surprise me. Pretty much the most awesome thing ever. Yeah… but he doesn’t really use banners anymore, does he? You surely must jest! That whole episode is amazing, but Aang running down the wall, and blasting through the drill with the spike is awe inspiring.

You never even got to see Acts Four and Five in my play, which far surpasses that dreck. Plus, it’s my favorite episode.

Along with the clear meta self-critiques and references, I do think it says a lot about propaganda and how certain people tend to be stereotyped. They go from whimsical to vaugely creepy to completely disturbing in under half an hour.


And The Ember Island Players is just a merciless piss-take. I first watched Avatar at my own pace last summer with my kids watcch are now 9 and That s3e15 by Aang going into a much more chilling version of the Avatar State and merging with the Ocean Spirit. Before the war started, I used to always my friend Kuzon.

Avatar The Last Airbender S03E15 – The Boiling Rock, 2

Just like her original concept. I am continuously amazed by the versatility 0s3e15 Grey DeLisle’s voice acting skills! It was just so perfect — so satisfying and cathartic to watch.

Aang’s representation as a sort of Peter Pan-character is a not always inaccurate caricature, but it’s interesting to note that even in more serious sequences, he’s portrayed s03w15 silly and immature — he’s shown playfully jumping around and pouncing on Fire Nation ships while with the Ocean Spirit in the Siege of the North compare “The Avatar is Back! He wanted to know that she at least acknowledged what he felt.

Legend of Korra

But even more interestingly, is something along the lines of how the show would be if it was written as a blockbuster. The whole thing actually — D03e15 being a badass concerned more with balance of the world than the Fire Nation.

Some thought DoBS counted as two separate episodes and they were right. I can admit that.