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Season 2 Episode 5. Full Cast and Crew. We quickly learn that Greenzo is certifiable and violent, which makes the environmentalism he preaches seem, by proxy, stupid and extreme. It was one of those shows that I watched when I had nothing better to do, not appointment television, in other words. Up to this point, I had probably seen around twenty episodes of the show. I liked this piece, I thought your supported your argument quite well. Admittedly, in the first half of the first season, Jack Donaghy did play the role of the amoral, conservative corporate head that Liz needed to defeat in office combat. To start with, we got see the horror of Liz Lemon’s past experiences as the lone attendee of Kenneth’s previous get-togethers.

Full Cast and Crew. And on the conservative side of the coin, well, giving giant tax breaks to the very rich is not actually a way for the government to keep its hands off the economy. Men fart more often, even when it is obviously inappropriate; therefore, Liz needs to fart and allow farting. Kenneth Parcell Scott Adsit Audible Download Audio Books. Later in season one, Jack and Liz butt heads over his decision to add product placement to The Girly Show.

About a month ago, I was in the midst of writing my last article on the politics of Battlestar Galactica when I stumbled on this site. She has to sit in an enclosed space at work with a dozen farting men.

Jack 2, Liz 0. Liz draws the line when Jack makes her hire Tracy Jordan, the crazy but extremely marketable movie star.

30 Rock: The Most Liberal Show on TV?

Hate crimes statutes, anyone? The harried, liberal head writer of a live sketch comedy show constantly butts heads with her wacky cast and conservative, corporate boss:. It is a single camera sitcom about grefnzo writer of a TV Show and the behind-the-camera chaos it goes through before it goes on air. Edit Did You Know?


The somewhat distorted concept isn’t what the series relies upon, its ideal vacation is to reach for a mature audience with wise and not funny writing. Kenneth Parcell Scott Adsit South Park has often been called more libertarian than anything else. The Oscar nominee reflects on his memorable appearance on ” Game of Thrones ,” and teases his Star Wars role. It is Jack, not Liz, who is presented as the most grounded, reasonable character in the show. But I keep them for rainy days, good thing that 4th season is currently going strong on your TV.

That episode just irks me. Harvey Lemmings, my lawyer. Though not as laugh-out-loud funny as the party stuff, his storyline was serviceable.

Pete Hornberger Judah Friedlander She is forced to replace the water in a water cooler. She even admitted she would probably vote for John McCain but tell her friends she voted for Obama.

TV | Tina Fey | 30 Rock: The Most Liberal Show on TV?

Here you could put libertarians in the middle, since they take one from column A no legislating morality and one from column B datch messing around with the economy … but only if you put communists in the middle too, since they also take one from each column. Judging from the limited amount of Hills-related knowledge that somehow forced its way into my brain without my consent, is there any place for politics on that show at all?

So unless Gawker develops some crazy two-dimensional political spectrum, right in the middle is the best place for it. A touch of Palin-mania, maybe? It is a funny sitcom that sometimes makes light political jokes but whose own politics are somewhat inconsistent.

Layered, satirical and thought-provoking writing, ironical humor and injected with enough content to run for its twenty minutes are the high points of this brilliant sitcom.

This all goes to show that 30 Rock is not some biting liberal satire onnline conservative policies and ideals. Jack was eager to prove to his bosses at GE that his department could make the most money from this environmental trend and so ” Greenzo ” was born. Though their ultimate goal was lost on geeenzo, it seemed that every program on the network’s “Comedy Night Done Right” felt obliged to include that awtch — in some shape or form — in their Thursday night episode.


The Hills is conservative? We thought it had some fun moments “What do you do with the Pop Tart?!

But 24 seems well-placed. Anyway, I read the article and perused the TV-show political spectrum graph, which looks like this:. The show, and Tina Fey herself, is more liberal than conservative but definetly willing to cross party lines and take things issue by issue, policy by policy.

Instead we got Jerrod as Greenzo and the whole thing just felt flat onlien forced.

But saving the episode was Kenneth’s party. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. We laugh at Jack, but he has the last word both in the show-within-the-show TGS and the show 30 Rock itself.

30 Rock: “Greenzo” Review – IGN

We quickly learn that Greenzo is certifiable and violent, which makes the environmentalism he preaches seem, by proxy, stupid and extreme. Top 25 30 Rock Episodes.

Still, you 03 blame 30 Rock for trying their best to be a part of NBC’s “green” week of programming. User Reviews party at my home.

First of all, Liz is clearly only sane in comparison to people like this:.