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Daga Wikipedia, Insakulofidiya ta kyauta. PDF Available [ Abstract: The Image of Islam in Western Media: He has a significant followership in Africa and among Nigerians worldwide. My Best Enemy 2. He spent the highest number of his years growing in Yakasai,No Man’s land and Hausawa areas of Kano town. Nigerian Video and the Infrastructure of Piracy.

A Study of the Preferences of Zaria Audience. Nazari a kan Jigo. He attended Riga Special Primary School, Government Commercial Secondary School and Science Secondary School in Kano State where he obtained his primary certificate, junior secondary certificate and senior secondary certificate respectively. On account of his towering profile among his peers he is easily referred to as the King of Kannywood having featured in hundreds of Hausa language and English language movies. To his credit, he has featured in over Hausa and English movies. He is the quintessential Nigerian man:

The Role of Television Medium in entertainment: Marwana Abubakar Darma September 26, at Cultural representation in Nigerian home videos: Jarumin jausa kwance a asibitin Barau Dikko dake nan garin Kaduna inda yake jinyar ciwon suga. The study therefore recommends screenwriters and producers to be aware of the existence of standard models of scriptwriting.


Umar Faruk jibril June 9, at Aje, Oluwole and Olufemi Abifarin.

Ina nan da raina ban mutu ba

And looked back at the way drama started in northern Nigeria, most especially in Hausa land. Nazarin Fina-finan Hasua na Lerawa. Even with the continued controversies befalling his image in the north. Group B August 12, at 1: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Krings, Matthias and Onookome Okome, eds.

Working Bibliography of Works on Hausa film

Theatre as a means of communication: Austen, Ralph and Mahir Saul, eds. My Last Enemy 3. BA Mass Communication Hons.

The Nigerian Film Corporation Jos: Tears In The Palace 2. This has earned him numerous accolades than any other actor in Kannywood. Zaria Journal of Liberal Arts. Chapter two examines the literature related to the study, the emergence of Television in Nigeria with special reference to N.

The Impact of Pornographic Films on the Youths: Submit your stories now via social or: Department of African Studies. Nazari a Kan Jigo da Rabe-Rabensa. There is an attempt to portray the victory of good values over the bad in the study. Forthcoming Negotiations of culture: Television Broadcasting and the role of audience feedbacks: A Comparative analysis of audience viewership of local and foreign NTA programme: Flamboyance in Home Videos: This site haua cookies.


Chapter three ponders on the methodology employed in conducting the research. Usman Dan Fodiyo University, Sokoto.

Working Bibliography of Works on Hausa film | Hausahomevideoresourcecentre’s Blog

He is a sought-after brand and fondly called the Emir of Kannywood or simply King Ali. Ohio University Center for International Studies.

He has a significant followership in Africa and among Nigerians worldwide. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Banda ita, sauran jarumai da masu ruwa da tsaki na kannywood sun kai masa ziyara domin duba lafiyar sa. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.