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The visualisation of the internet into solid geography is imaginative and dazzling, and this is an enjoyable and frenetic romp through avatars, memes, brands and gags in an effort to save the day Please let us know if you’ll be able to come ASAP so that we can book the table! If you are a fan of the first two in the trilogy, it is certainly worth completing the set. Event Details Friday 18 November 7: The cast work very well together, with Jones on his quest providing a great number of funny members, and the script is very amusing and highly quotable. Introducing our Spring season — check out our full schedule and film reviews at warwick. Pierre Schramm Shaun of the Dead The Shaun of the Dead expertly mixes horror and humour, combining suspense and dry comedy to create a hilarious but also creepy and at times heart-wrenching zombie film.

January 31 at 9: Having worked together for 10 years, their developing friendship in the film is a joy to watch. Tomorrow’s meat free specia Sections of this page. If you are not able to attend the AGM but would still like to vote, or if you have any other other questions, please email returningofficer warwick. Despite all of this, however, Miranda sees something in Andrea that makes her take the risk of employing her. Our Back to the Future marathon is now under way but our tills will be open again at So make sure to come along and help shape the next exec of the society!

Just 2 days left until our amazing AllNighter this Saturday. Just show your ticket for the 6.

” itemprop=”name”>The AllNighter: The Night of Wright

After the FilmSoc elections we will be heading to Xananas for a meal while we await the election results and welcome the brand new exec! Monday 25th FebruarySpring Term: Tickets are available online at xtudent https: The film also boasts some spectacular special effects and successfully avoids crossing over into gimmicky territory, which is no easy feat given the warrwick premise. When a series of gruesome deaths rock the village they are simply labelled as accidents.


Aged 23, his life is generally enjoyable with no major problems.

Will it be action? Tickets sold on the door will be on a first come, first served basis so buy early to avoid disappointment! Inspired by huge budget action films such as Point Break, Bad Boys, lal Lethal WeaponHot Fuzz delivers by creating a hyperbolic, adrenaline fuelled dream world where British policemen are portrayed as similar to their American counterparts.

Warwick Student Cinema – Film Information: The AllNighter

Our elections warwlck be taking place next week! This is a terrifyingly good blockbuster film experience. If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, make sure you do at: Our Meet the Exec meeting is today! Complete your profile Thanks for logging in to WarwickSU.

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The cast work very well together, with Jones on his quest providing a great number of funny members, and the script is very amusing and highly quotable. Michael J Fox time-travelling in a souped-up Delorean? Information on how to stand for election is available on our website: Throwing in romance and family problems along the way, Tina Fey creates a sarcastic and hilarious adventure that will leave you quoting your favourite lines for years to come.

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Tickets will be on sale before films during Week 7 and at the event itself. Needless to say, those who choose not to buy in advance and risk it on the door may find themselves subject to the following judgement: If you are a fan of the first two in the trilogy, it is certainly worth completing the set.

The film hardly needs an introduction; nor does it need to provide a reason for seeing it, for the film is pure entertainment – two hours of pure heart-pounding, dinosaur-chasing, wise-cracking fun.

Scott Pilgrim is the kind of rare pearl that belongs to no genre: Fox and zany mentor Dr. Warwick Debating Society Nonprofit Organization. February 12 at 4: The evil ex-boyfriends come straight out of video games and superhero films and the fighting scenes do not disappoint.

Warwick Student Cinema added an event. After partnering with action-hungry constable Danny Butterman Frostthe two parade the streets looking for missing swans and eating Cornettos.

Warwick Student Cinema – The AllNighter

Nighhter would even argue that the overall effect of the film has never been surpassed, due to the guiding hand of the most commercially successful director of all time. We are now asking staff and students for their individual input into one or more of a series of workshops that will be running during Week 10 of Term 2 commencing Monday 11th March. Current Schedule Suggestions Archive Reviews.