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With only these panties as evidence, Keiki narrows down the identity to the four girls who helped him clean the club room that day: Furuya hates Honjou Nao because of his playful personality. Reading Order taken from the official website: Episode 01 12 days ago More chapters This is chapter 5 of Warui Koto Shitai. But it turns out that she hates rich peopleā€¦? What does he intend to do with his defeated rival under his power?

Total days days 90 days 30 days 7 days 24 hours 12 hours 6 hours 60 minutes Summary: But Takumi appears in front of her!! He came to Japan to improve his karate, but fell in love with Shinobu, master of a dojo. Misyoshi Yoshiko is working her way as a model by doing various modeling gigs for her agency. Dynamite Eros-senpai [Extra] Kizutsuite Romance vol. But in retaliation to the slap that he gave this popular guy, a confused Mao gets a kiss..!? Lustful Lover Kazumi whose father is rich wakes up kidnapped. After ups and downs and lots of deep things went between, now the delinquent Towa Aikawa is a very “deeply involved friend” of the Student Council President, Mikado Shirahane.

Laughter, tears, and shortcuts?! How far would Yukimura go to silence Shinonome!? Gal Chick Valentine’s Day by Ibuki Kaede Mika’s school has separate buildings for boys and girls and the girls have asked Mika as a student representative to get them co-ed classrooms so they can spend Valentine’s Day with school idol, Subaru.


YaoiComedyDramaSchool life Summary: At first sight it’s just an average cat, but Aria has yet to notice that Tama is a former Knight and that his identity is not a mangapagk, but a young monster of the strongest class “Behemoth”.

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Ever since she was young, Rinko has always been labelled as a ‘Ohito yoshi baka’ by everyone except for a young boy, Itsuki. Once you fall for someone, you can’t stop the love. On the one hand, he approaches her with almost too straight-forward methods, while she responds simply waru, insulting him without hesitation Can the seme make up for the useless uke?

Oneshot 58 days ago More chapters A strange encounter spurs the meeting of Amakusa Ryou, a high spec businessman who’s loose with women, and his high school sister’s best friend, Arima Ichika.

She can fight well, and is even referred to as hot by girls. However, Sera found herself rejected by the Lady’s three handsome sons, and it was made very clear to her that she was nothing more than an orphan who would would never become part of their family.

YaoiComedyDramaSchool life. YaoiComedyRomanceSchool life.

Perhaps it’s the passionate kisses and longing looks from the school stud!? Warui Koibito ja Dame?

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That was their first encounter. YaoiComedyDramaRomance Summary: HentaiIncestLoli. JoseiComedyRomance. Koi ja nai no da! Their story unfolds as they grow older and their bond gets stronger Bad Boys Need to be Punished! Mnagapark rather humorous and light-hearted look at high school life as we follow the protagonist, Saejima Midori. Snow Falling Honjou Nao is known as a player and on Valentine’s Day he kisses every girl who gives him chocolates.


Wanting to find romance, she decides to transfer to a highschool in Kantou. YaoiComedyDramaRomanceSlice of life. ShounenEcchiComedyRomanceSchool life.

JoseiDramaFantasyRomance Summary: Koi to Yobu ni wa Kimochi Warui vol. Sakura tears 10 years ago More chapters Part of Waruiko series: Every night the kidnapper brings home a woman and makes love to her right in front of the door of the room where Kazumi is chained in.

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Yoh curses the fact that he was born a guy Given such circumstances, it seems only natural that all Tetsuo desires is a kiss potent enough to get him back to his A-Game. But the lord has no interest in her or her child bearing potential!

How will those two damaged people find their respective love?