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Lucky – free download – files. Please, revert this, and restore comments and ratings as they used to be They are an adorable couple and I love Mikado’s possessiveness but they aren’t my fave in the series. This is the sequel to Koi ja nai kedo. Whole series is worth reading if you like connected romances. Chotto sono yubi kurebasu kara hazushite, honmono irete kun’nai! I would rate them with 9 or so. Ja Nai Kedo 1 Manga Scans.

You must login to comment for this series! Shirahane Nanao is well-known for being able to lure anyone with his attractive looks — even men. Read Kare ja nai kedo 1 online. Character-wise, the semes are all the same. Shouwaru Ookami ga Koi wo. This is the sequel to Koi ja nai kedo. My type of manga totally, I really like the art personally I find it very beautiful I didn’t pick it up before because the covers don’t look very good but the actual art of the manga is absolutely great. Fastest manga site, unique reading type:

kare ja nai kedo eng – ynyvaqid

Tsunderes ain’t my cup of tea. I always love the drama genre so I’m always up for a heart-wrenching, tear-jerking story. Towa being so dumb- ah, I mean thick-headed and dense.

You could read the latest and hottest Kare ja nai kedo 2 in MangaTown.

Photos that tagged with it are also submitted with tag Ryuichi Shinonome 15Shuji Yukimura 14More characters 0Frama Yukimura 0. Trust me, you are bound to fall in love with one of these couples. When you get the download link, please don’t upload it in other manga hosting site without telling us.


The characters are simply awesome! You’re reading Kare ja nai kedo vol. Sakuraga-sensei is so talented and her art is beautiful. The relationship of our main characters is cf by Yukimura Shuji himself wondering. So as usual I was looking through some new stuff in Chill-Chill earlier and a particular cover suddenly caught my eye….

kare ja nai kedo eng

Once again, this is angst yay! You can also go Manga Genres to read other series or check Latest Releases for new releases. Otherwise it overuses shade and close-ups, the panes are too crowded and noisy, everyone shouts too loud, well, the usual. Visually, it has its high moments, especially regarding Shinonome, who really is the hottest of them all, haha.

Kore yomu to, kare no kimochi ga wakaru shitzi yo. If you remember the annoying but adorable twins in Gakuen Heaven, Takahiro Mizushima was one of their seiyuu there, but I forgot which of the two. There’s so much angst and oh, how i love it all.

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[Drama CD] Warui Koto Shitai ・ Berry’s Diary

He actually has a hidden dependent relationship with one of his university professors. May 5, To Comments.

Finally the both of them became a couple, but another obstacle awaits them?! It consists of 3 stories: However, it’s cool to read about Aikawa Kuon’s little brother Towa after having seen a cameo of him in the other manga. They’re not good people and horribly manipulative and immature.


Sunao ja nai Kedo Completo.

They’re not all that deep or serious, but they’re funny and extremely lovable! It’s become one of my favourite yaoi series. Image of kare ja nai kedo chapter 5 download.

Tsubasa Yonaga

Ooh, it felt great! Nanao and Kuon are my favourite couple in this entire series. Her art style is just so adorableeeee. Ranked 3rd in my list. Koi Ja Nai Kedo V. Finally, Akagi and Kousaka.

If the author and editor think the books are different works, have different names and not “xx vol 17″why do you group it together? Character-wise, the semes are all the same. Hanaoto July Scanned by: She has a variety of different pairings within the story and all of the characters connect to one another.

I don’t mind them as side characters but they lack the authority of key protagonists. Yuki and Shinonome, ahh i love these two! Manga is the Japanese equivalent of comics with a unique style and following. Download youtube to mp3 kirai ja naikedo cap 2. Find out what going to happen by reading Kare vast nai kedo! For the film, see Boys Love film.