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The story of a young girl named Lulu and her twin sister Lily, who is cursed to become as little as an elf. The two of them realize that no matter what your appearance is, you can still be loved. When she had already in the city, she met Bebot again and learns that he is the son of the woman. There, they met the witch-like school librarian, Lucresia Tetchie Agbayani. A boy from outer and inner beauty space is left and right behind on earth and on outer and inner space. The story will revolve around three friends who found three magical wishing stones at the end of a rainbow.

Despite warnings from his family, Jairo and Raven continue becoming friends. She curses Mike’s wife, Jackie, so that their baby will die. However, Anika’s life begins to change when her “dream boy”, Jowa a. After the death of Nanding Dominic Ochoa , Nato Maliksi Morales together with his mother Dimples Romana had to pay for their land to her lover DJ Durano and his son Joseph Andre Garcia , when Nanding saw his family suffering he asked God to let him go back to the land except for one condition he is not allowed to let Nato know about him. However, not contented with having only three wishes, Gelli wishes to be as powerful as the genie so she could have all her desires as she pleases. Unknown to her, her guardian angel Kiko has been right beside her all along to help her achieve her goals.

The Christmas Tablet

An important story about facing different life problems. She soon realizes that it is not easy being a lady so she regrets being a grown-up. Super K heard the gunshot that was fired from Horje’s gun. An episode that will teach kids an important lesson about taking good care of xyiel.

Claus gets Karina to be the one to deliver the gifts. It gives the epiaodes the ability to have additional parts of the body like more hands and feet Shakti. It is the story of Queenie, a greedy toy store owner. Socorro Malou de Guzman tries to teach her a lesson by the help of a magic pendant. Through the help of a magical star, Caloy is able to get everything he asks for including the promotion he has always wanted. When an inscription on the mirror is read, episodee identical versions of herself appear.


When Carl got home from hospital, he found out that Karen was no longer there, and his car was just a car again! After her training, Dong Pagong instructed her to get the magical pearl and bring it to their land to prevent the giant octopus from finding it in the ocean. Leny and Lena Jessy Mendiolaare twins who have opposite attitudes.

Eric’s life begins to change when he is given a magic remote control that gives him the power to control and manipulate the lives of other people. How will magic and fantasy change Popoy’s life? Trina also found out that Homer was being unfaithful to her, so she broke up with him, but they became friends again in the end.

When they manqbat older, Cara met the epjsodes of her dreams, Jake Cuenca who was a bit shocked of Cara’s disability but reluctantly accepted her and her sisters. He then starts with his house, which turns into a mansion. Grace is a child who feels deprived by her parents because they can’t afford to buy her a dollhouse. When he wears them, he is able to walk without any problems, but if he takes them off, he returns to his original injured state. When Quennie decided to adopt three kids for the kid-friendly image of her business, a pair of magical gloves becomes attached to Queenie’s hands and forces her to give away everything she has.

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Perry is a young man who wanted to be perfect to please his mother and his crush Kylie. Kwin Abby Bautistais a girl that turns out to be a fairy as the way the fairy created her.

Pinay is a episodws who is not fond of giving way for her youngest sister.

One mysterious day, she wakes up with long and shiny hair, which will turn her life around. Mayumi Kiray wanted to be beautiful so that she will not be teased by others. An episode that will teach the value of obedience.


Caloy is a young police officer who is forced to take care of his Lola Fenny Susana devotee of the Simbang Gabi tradition. The story of sisters Petra and Aya who are working in a pepper farm owned by their cruel aunt. She thought that shot her younger brother but later on found out that Horje killed the giant octopus and not her younger brother. She met a photographer that fell in love with her, not knowing that she turns into a frog.


Carlos is a boy who destroys an ant hill where a dwarf lives. It tells the story of how to find the perfect one. When she had already in the city, she met Bebot again and learns that he is the son of the woman. However, Raven disappears one night and the next morning patches of wood start appearing on his body. A fairy named Reyna Mutya Orquia breaks the curse. Gracia is a food fairy. A loving daughter named Sandy always helps her mother in their eatery.


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Jingle is a young woman who always wants to be ahead of others. As he realizes the differences between Sioneng and Sonia, Raprap decides to bring back everything the way it was. Meanwhile the stepmother was questioned by the police and the two had admitted what they had done wrong in the market. After letting her younger brother escape, she chased down Horje until she cornered him.

Kara, Cristine Reyes is a girl who turns into a frog when she bleeds.

Replay of episode 46 Cast: Kimberly asked for help from wansapanatayym spellcaster to place a spell on Truman which can only be cured if he finds someone who will truly loves him even he turns into an ugly person. They became enemies after the showdown. When he discovers a genie trapped in a bottle named Gigie, Allan made a deal to set her free in exchange of her help in his studies.

epksodes But it can never grant him true friends nor true love, the things that matter the most to anyone in this world. Replay of episode 90 Cast: Lisa doesn’t believe in her story. Gelli is a young lady who is often ridiculed for her physical appearance but finds a way to make herself beautiful through a genie, whom she summons from a magical bottle. However, fate will test Joey’s kindness as other people episdes are much in need ask for his help.