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She stays in denial of this, as Curtis and Stevie take a liking to each other. Meanwhile, Jim-Bob and Elizabeth buy a canary for Grandma, but can’t get him to sing. Corabeth adds stylish hats to the store inventory. Ike and Corabeth come to blows after she finds old love letters and suspects Ike is seeing another woman. Corabeth worries when Aimee does not immediately bond with them, but she finally shows affection. John-Boy craves private, quiet space for an office in an attached cabin, but Mary Ellen is told she can use the same space as her bedroom. Meanwhile, Elizabeth must deal with being teased and called a “teacher’s pet” by her friends when she get straight A’s on her report card. Marsha Wollery, one of John-Boy’s high school flames, returns to the mountain from Richmond.

He gets into a scuffle with some sailors who insult him at Godsey’s Store. Approaching Thanksgiving Day , Elizabeth feels sad about those who cannot be there, including her boyfriend Drew, her parents and John-Boy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Meanwhile, Ike and Corabeth go to the adoption agency to bring home their promised baby boy but return instead with year-old Aimee Louise. In another two-hour special, Jenny Pendleton Sian Barbara Allen returns for a visit with her stepmother. But it is not to be when Olivia miscarries.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth spends her time with her new horse Molly, Corabeth resigns from the general store when Ike accuses her of being too much of a business woman and not enough of a wife, and the D-Day invasion begins in France. Nancy Greenwald cwst Paul West Story by: Zeb and Esther’s pride escalates begukled the point that he talks of leaving her for good, until Olivia suggests Grandma attend the upcoming square dancewhere the caller is Castt old rival for her affection.

One of Grandma’s old beaus Begkiled Spacea widower from Richmond, comes to visit and begins to really bond with her, taking her on several enjoyable dates. His meddling research uncovers dark secrets about Judge Baldwin’s actions during the Civil War, which greatly upsets the sisters until they realize their father had acted out of humanitarian motives.


Despite the money, John realizes the job is not for him and quits. The Narrator voice as Earl Hamner. Then they hear on the radio that a serious accident has derailed the train.

John-Boy begins to back away from writing as well when he thinks it is interfering with the needs of his family and causes him to shirk his duties for beguilec lumber contract, but A.

After Mary Ellen saves a minor from an arranged marriage, the Walton family must contend with a very disgruntled groom.

The Beguiled

The good deed gets Ben into serious trouble when a joyrider temporarily steals the car and has a tue accident, and the victim records the license number. Olivia doesn’t want to force the idea of adoption on Ann, but John-Boy tells Ann that love isn’t like money, in that one can’t save it up for the future.

Meanwhile, Jim-Bob is stricken with appendicitisand though his surgery is successful, his family is left with a steep bill. Meanwhile, Jim-Bob’s new friend Danny Willie Aamesthe product of an unhappy home, begins spending all his time at the Walton house.

When John-Boy drives to visit his father, John takes him to the local bar, where they end up in a fight with a stranger. John finds he has to work overtime the first weekend, and has to contend with a jealous, bitter fellow worker and boarder named Stavros.

Ike takes dancing lessons from Rose, acting giddy and making Corabeth suspect he is having an affair. She also allows the salesman to stay in the barn.

Meanwhile, Curt and Mary Ellen are frustrated at not having private time alone from the family. Edit Cast Cwst credited cast: Mary Ellen inadvertently sells the typewriter to a traveling junk dealer George Tobias.

John-Boy learns a hard lesson when he receives a bill with his delivered books; the company is a vanity press.

Ep.17 – The Beguiled

Mary Ellen and Jonesy finally get married. This is Robert Wightman’s last appearance as John-Boy. When she leaves, the children are sorry to see her go. Elizabeth makes great friends with the new progressive school teacher, Ms. Having skipped most of her classes, Sis ends up stealing John-Boy’s study notes just before an important exam. John is firmly opposed, believing Jason won’t be able to earn a living with music. As he tries waltone define courage, Selina’s family’s financial problems suddenly come to light, causing a change in her own plans.


Jody longs to settle down, and Verdie wants him to go to school. On a whim, John-Boy decides to enter a seven-day dance marathon after meeting Daisy, a young woman who also enters. Not knowing where he came from or who his parents are, the Waltons take him in for a while. Lists of American drama television series episodes The Waltons.

Pickett and is immediately made Erin’s boss, but she resigns, until Pickett begs her to return, offering a substantial raise. Her first appearance after recovering is the final episode of the sixth season, “Grandma Comes Home” see below.

He promises to return the chickens so that John-Boy is off the hook, and as he does so, the chickens’ owner is betuiled in the leg. Grandma returns home and meets the new housekeeper, Rose. Miss Emily’s memories of her wsltons beau Ashley Longworth are stirred up when his handsome son Ashley Jr. Erin enters a beauty contest.

Covington David Huddlestona wandering, well-read man claiming to be a writercomes to Walton’s Mountain, befriends John-Boy and helps him with his writing. Log in with Facebook.

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A Cherokee Indian man Jerado Decordovier and his grandson come to stay with the Waltons; the man claims a sacred tribal burial ground is beneath the Walton barn, which he tries to burn down at night to “purify” the ground.

Meanwhile, Ben starts a home business shipping individual pine seedlings, but has to stop after the bguiled tells him the seedlings were all too waltlns to thrive, and furthermore he has no sales license. Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video.