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If you find a lab with a processor ask them to look for their carrier which also will take it is often near their carriers which they use when 35mm leaders don’t want to play nice and come out, or running test strips. I support the local photo business when I can and they can get most everything back within the next day. I sent mine out from Walmart and got them back exactly two weeks later and they did a great job. They even did a roll of for me just recently, with 3×5 prints to go with it. I remember trying to drop off a roll of at Loblaws in Toronto. Oh, recently I have started putting my 35mm in at the Walgreens one hour for developing. You have to remove the film from the paper backing and load it into a carrier, attach a centimeter of film to a leader card with tape, the same way as 35mm and the automated machine does the rest.

The reason behind employees filling out the envelopes is to protect themselves from the customer. Leighgion 9 years ago. I am very pleased with my COstco. Black and white will be much easier. The Fuji lab knows what they are and are more than happy to process them. Overview Discussions Photos Members Map. I’m glad we have so many experts who have never actually used the service weighing in with their opinions on it!

He answered yes very quickly like he did,lol. Once you track down an analog camera and fresh film, you still need to figure out how to get your shots developed and digitized. fllm

I also have used Walmart I got square prints on 3×5 or you can do the 4×6 but you’ll get a square image. I just hope the guy who answered at their photo department knew what he was talking about. I can’t seem to tell the difference other than that I know I have the film done and I can take it home and scan it in right away.


They do well enough with C 35mm. It was about that time when their lab stopped processing Edward Mendes 9 years ago. No, this is completely wrong, and I have no idea where you would have gotten this impression.

At least that’s the local profession shop asks me each time I bring in my films. I sent mine out from Walmart fklm got them back exactly two weeks later and they did a great job.

Let see, film?

Walmart “Photo Lab”. What a joke! | Medium Format (/ film only) | Flickr

They usually just ship it to whatever mass-processor is in town. I find the 12mm developing process extremely fun. I’d call ahead before going down to your favorite Costco. Meleager 9 years ago. Ray Cornett Posted 9 years ago. Save Cancel Drag to set position! Dozens of companies throughout the U. That is to say nothing of the time you may procesing setting up your work space, measuring and mixing, and bringing the chemistry up to temp. We didn’t have services listed, but we were able to process and print I don’t know of any 1hr developing store that process sized film.

I have a walmart story from last week, here is the abridged version. We’ve also compiled our own list of some of the best-known labs. If you do not mind the two week delay, you will get the cheapest prices in development from some really competent labs.


Where to Develop Film in 2018

The days of the neighborhood fil, lab may be over, but we found dozens of businesses that are ready and willing to process your film. I have a parttime at a Sams Photolab pretty much just to have access to a processor. To find the best combination of film services and prices at over 25 different labs, check out this handy chart created by Adam Ottke of Film Objektiv. Fiom Cornett 9 years ago.

Get 120 Film Developed On the Cheap at Walmart

Alan Yahnke 9 years ago. They don’t do however.

Give your biz to a real film lab not wally world Then ask them how to mark the drop-off envelope processiny Wal-Mart. I don’t get any prints or discs, because I scan it myself.

If you plan on developing a lot of film, the DIY method could save you hundreds in processing fees and shipping costs over time. Toxic-Tofu 9 years ago.

Get Film Developed On the Cheap at Walmart –

Because Walmart sends your film to a photo lab. Fil, usually end up buying more film or an accessory too. The one with the envelopes and prices and such.

I took a roll of to walmart 2 weeks ago. Ray Cornett 9 years ago.