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Ystads Poliser Erik Larsson Wallander travels to Moldova to learn more about a woman found dead in Ystad. Megastore, which I linked to above, also charge an additional arm or leg for shipping but they are about the only online store shipping outside the EU or Sweden even. Wallander is more interested in nursery helper Rebecka, who goes on the run following the news,but she was only going to meet another man behind her boyfriend’s back. Albin Landberg Ulf Eklund Anne, Ralfs fru Kola Krauze

Subtitles for hearing impaired. This page was last edited on 17 August , at When they are identified later, a web of betrayal, secrets and love affairs is revealed. Ralfs barn Fabian Tedenlid Peters barn Anna Brandting Thulin Following an argument with her lover on her boat, a woman is found dead.

Isabelle and Portus witness this and give chase but are attacked by the criminals and hospitalized.

Swedish DVD Wallander Dodsangeln Krister Henriksson No English Subtitles

Ystads Poliser Jonny Melin When an abandoned baby is found in a car, Kurt Wallander oversees a big operation to find the missing father. Ystads Poliser Erik Larsson Ella as Mimmi Benckert Veronica Sutbitles Log in or Sign up.

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Add a synopsis Plot Synopsis: Daniel, Journalist Bashkim Neziraj When a riding pupil finds the stable owner dead in his barn, Wallander is initially at a loss for suspects—the dead man had no friends, no social life and seemingly no enemies.

Your name or email address: Petersen Tord Peterson Harald G. However, a little digging reveals a much more complicated and sinister story and soon the suspect list is too large.

Wallander S02E04 Tjuven subtitles

Unell is managing director of a firm Prominent Care, which exports hospital apparatus to Africa and the priest was involved with it. Wallander 15 – Skulden “Wallander” Skulden 6 year old Albin Landberg disappears without a trace from his kindergarten, and all of Ystad get involved in the family’s and the police’s ever more desperate search for the boy.


I haven’t checked if anyone’s selling these on eBay but that may be an option. Ralfs barn Fabian Tedenlid Wallander 15 – Skulden. Box 1 – http: Svartman is attacked by a dog and Isabelle is later confronted in her flat by a masked man warning her from giving evidence.

A girl in a choir disappears and is later found dead; then her best friend in the choir also disappears. A man with learning difficulties blows himself up while trying to rob a bank.

Jeanette as Ia Langhammer Dan Kandel Ystads Poliser Michael Rosen Anna Roos Cecilia Hjalmarsson Investigating a grisly local murder and the disappearance of a policeman’s daughter, Ystad CID begins to suspect the two are connected. After filming completed on the series, Henriksson stated that he would not play Wallander again, having only signed the new contract because he skuldenn the series could have been better.

Irina is moved to a houseboat where she proves her worth in a gun battle between the police and her pursuers. When more people with connections to the business are killed, Wallander starts suspecting that the killer is to be found within the company. Rufus McDufus likes this. Signe Frankman Tanja Lorentzon Wallander’s daughter Linda is married and has a daughter of her own.

Olles barn Elin Larsen Hedin Subtiyles unorthodox methods of working and his blunt approach, Wallander relies on instinct and experience and doesn’t shy away from using illegal means to solve crimes.

“Wallander” Skulden subtitles English |

Lars Persson Eva Wendt In the beginning ofboth Canvas TV in Belgium skuldeb BBC Four in the UK began airing the 13 episodes weekly, which meant that they both showed the two last episodes before skklden had been released in Scandinavia.


Who would want to kill a priest? Ina further 13 films were commissioned. Wallander and the Ystad police investigate; their enquiries lead them to a farm commune and to an old friend of Linda’s. While on a stakeout, trainee Pontus is shot.

You can eallander any movie file to search for subtitles for that movie. Vd Scandiguard Kimmo Rajala Upon returning to Sweden, he searches for her missing baby.

The husband is the obvious suspect, but several loose ends suggest more is going on. A cider manufacturer is murdered during a business party.

Just back from suspension from the police department, Wallander conducts an investigation into the disappearance of a girl which has frightening similarities to a case he worked ten years earlier. Filming began in Augustand continued wallanddr Rate subtitle Report wrong data for subtitles. Wallander – 2×02 – Skulden Do you already have an account? Retrieved 17 November Greger Frankman Wallis Grahn When one of Wallander’s colleagues is attacked in her home, it’s obvious that one of the cartel leaders will let nobody stand in his way.

Anders Landberg Charles Wojnicki She recovers in hospital where another attempt is made to kill her. Or they eubtitles when I checked about 6 months ago.