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Emily Wants to Separate Marco and Jane Out of Europe and USA. Daniel stays with the hacienda even if Tomas treats him like dirt, as he needs to protect Genia and Katerina. When Daniel learns Katarina is with Nathan, he immediately goes over to his house. Add Image S1, Ep6. Tomas Alcantara episodes, Tomas rejoices, as no one knows he is the culprit behind the crime.

Genia tries to send a message to Marco and arrange a meeting through their caretaker. When Katerina continues to reject him, Nathan gets into an angry state that Jane was needed to calm him Meanwhile, Marco tries to look for Emily but his Marco learns how the storm devastated Olivares and Katarina says if the Montenegro’s farm becomes operational again, they would be surely helping the families who need work. Katerina lies and says William doesn’t want her to have a boyfriend until she finishes high school. The Montenegros are back and Emily rejoices as she will be able to execute her plan of revenge. Johanna insists on seeing Manila’s night life with Daniel.

Nathan Montenegro episodes, Katerina Chooses Not to Be with Daniel Kenneth episodes, Arlene Muhlach William tries to drink his problems away and he bumps into Nathan on the way home.

Add Image S1, Ep6. William catches Tomas stealing money from his vault and angrily tells him to leave. Emily is also intent on training Daniel to be a wine connoisseur as he will be the one to run the wine bar in Manila. Add Image S1, Ep2.


Nathan tries to become distant towards Katerina as advised by Tomas, for her to start missing his Jane becomes jealous of Marco’s interest in Johanna’s new friend, Emilia. Tomas and Katerina also move to Manila, the former following Nathan’s wishes.

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He also surprises Katerina when he asks her to marry him. Add Image S1, Ep4. Daniel and Katerina continue to keep their relationship a secret. Nathan Can’t Fully Trust Katerina Know what this is about? Lorraine Delgado episodes, Rita Avila Daniel loses his composure and gets into a fistfight with Tomas. Daniel learns that Tomas is wasting his father’s money gambling. Daniel’s Life Is About to Change She also intensifies her plan to destroy his business by stealing another one of the Montenegro’s clients.

Add Image S1, Ep3. Katerina refuses to go to the prom, thinking of the expenses plus she cannot bring Daniel as her episkde. Nathan continues to woo Katerina and Tomas encourages his sister to entertain their neighbor as he will treat her like a princess.

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Tomas, on the other hand, hears his sister say she loves Daniel and would go with him anywhere. Daniel stays with the hacienda even if Tomas treats him like dirt, as he needs to protect Genia and Katerina. Genia however is puzzled where the money came from.

As Virginia returns to the town of Olivares, she learns that Margaret is taking her family abroad. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.


Katerina graduates from high school but gets disappointed when her brother and Daniel fail to attend the ceremony. Audible Download Audio Books. Miguel Ramos episodes, John Medina Genia tries to return the money to Marco, thinking he was the one who opened the account for her. When Katerina continues to reject him, Nathan gets into an angry state that Jane was needed kctober calm him Marco has a girlfriend, Jane Bonifacio, when he meets and falls in love with Emily Cardenas, one of the helpers in their hacienda.

Marco denies any knowledge of this and Genia immediately thinks of Daniel as her secret benefactor.

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Genia encourages Daniel to become friendlier towards Marco as the man might help them with the hacienda. Johanna continues to intimidate Katerina and Jane apologizes for her daughter’s behavior.

Katerina tells Genia that she likes Daniel and will do anything to have him like her back. Johanna is an illegitimate daughter Sensing that Katerina is bothered, Nathaniel tries to cheer her up by taking her shopping. Walang hanggan 8. Tomas Alcantara episodes, Paulo Avelino Margaret thinks Genia is a gold-digger and is out to get revenge on her by getting to Marco.