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Nox moves on with his plan and succeeds in going back in time, but they only went back twenty minutes, to before the Tree’s destruction, but right after Dally’s death. They arrive just in time, but Ogrest taps into the Dofus’ he has in his belly, bringing out the Dragons inside them to aid him. Amalia, Yugo, and Percedal fight Vampyro, but he proves to be too powerful. Not wanting to turn a blind eye to turmoil, and needing food themselves, the group decide to help train the Puddles so they can be ready for the next raid. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Lost, the group finds themselves in front of a tower belonging to four sisters who wish to find the perfect husband.

Ruel, afraid his own kamas will be stolen, retreats into his magical bag, and uses a recall potion to return home. Everything changes when he finds a magic cube and becomes addicted to its power. Meanwhile, as the Kingdom of Sadida readies for war, they must prevent Nox’s Clock from reaching the Kingdom and the Tree of Life, but little do they know, Nox continues to stay one step ahead. The Breadnaught inadvertently reveals that she is Chouquette, Xav’s father’s former apprentice, and that she was after the wheat because she is in love with her master and wanted him to win. He mind-links with Yugo and shows him casting the near-dead Percedal off a cliff, with Elely following after him. Grougaloragran, a mysterious and ancient entity, appears one with a baby carriage. The mysterious figure, calling himself Oropo and accompanied by Adamai, disengages the bubble and sends them back to their normal age, coercing them to enter and fight his brotherhood of demigods. Eva damages the orbs but it destroys the house in the process.

As he reveals his true intentions and the fact that he lied to everyone, with the Sadida Demi-Goddess revealing that it was he who set the world’s tragedies into motion, such as Nox finding theand Ogrest turning into the demon he was, his brotherhood of demigods start to turn against him.

[Blind Commentary] Wakfu! Episode 27 – Noximilien l’horloger

They have a map the group can buy, but are unable to sell thanks to the Black Crow. Yugo, feeling guilty after their falling out, and Ruel have been searching all over the world to find Adamai, but they keep finding no trace. His voice tells Eva to epjsode him in a place called “Rubilaxia”. The adventurers make their way to the valley of Pandalucia, known for its wondrous beauty, only to find it far from their expectations.

With the Zapp to the Shushu dimension closing, time is running out to stop the Shushu invasion. Echo tries to persuade them to come back, but Toxine electrocutes her and chains her up as her hate for Echo trumps everything else.


The attackers take Flopin and Eva after Adamai recovers from a temporary bout of paralysis Yugo cast by accident. Full Cast and Crew. But along the way, three troublesome rogues may cause the end of their adventure It seems to have plenty noximllien food, but can the natives be trusted?

All this peace is brought on its face when they receive word from Otomai, a year-old alchemist who is in the current employ of the Sadidas, that the Sadida Kingdom is in danger of being wiped off the map thanks to a massive flood caused by Ogrest, a powerful demi-god Ogre created by Otomai.

He goes back and takes it. He leaves it behind at the behest of his wife, but his mind cannot leave it alone.

Inside they meet an Osamodas girl, who tries to convince Elely that Oropo and his brotherhood are actually good. Their 65 combined with 5 specials brings the total to 70 episodes. The baby, eepisode a demigod’s strength, causes the tower to crumble from the shockwaves it emanated during labor. The senior members of Real Gobbly get badly injured, forcing them out hofloger the rest of the game and forcing Ruel to bring in Yugo, Amalia, and Eva.

Six years have passed since the battle with Qilby and the Shushu Race. In the final scene, Yugo and the others are seen at the foot of Dally’s statue, paying their respects. Notify me of new posts via email.

While checking out the Count’s trophy room, which contains some old relics of Nox, including his special telescope, as well as 2 Eliatrope Dofus’, Percidel is contacted by Goultard via their telepathic connection, though seeing it in action confuses everyone.

Grougaloragran, a mysterious and ancient entity, appears one with a baby carriage. Eva gives birth to a boy, ending the shockwaves eoisode the pain, but the tower is in shambles. Inside they run into two ladies on a pilgrimage from their home kingdom, Amalia Sheran Sharm and her bodyguard, Evangelyne, who join him on his journey.

With Yugo and the others stranded in the middle of the North, Grougaloragran and Nox’s decisive battle will noximilieen only decide the fate of Oma Island but noximiliem World of Twelve itself!

[Blind Commentary] Wakfu! Episode 27 – Noximilien l’horloger – video dailymotion

He effortlessly overpowers the goon leader and saves his children. Anamnesis is a Platonic theory of knowledge that posits the soul’s ability to recollect the things it knew in past incarnations, or an eternal knowledge, recovered through reasoning.

The heroes lay a trap for the Black Crow and are able to take him down. After the events of Rubilaxia, the Brotherhood of the Tofu make their way back epjsode the Sadida Kingdom, but Yugo, Dally and Ruel are weak with needless starvation.

Percedal, the twins Flopin and Elely, and Evangeline, who noximilieh 9 months pregnant, are living a quiet life out in wxkfu wilderness, which Percedal likes since he doesn’t have any god powers anymore. Immediately after doing that, however, he says goodbye to his family to go and fight Ogrest to stop future disasters.


Amalia, Yugo, and Percedal fight Vampyro, but he proves to be too powerful. With no other hhorloger to take, the group is forced to pass through an inhospitable town full of decay and zombie-like townsfolk. Amalia is bitten by a poisonous Red Rose. When he and Amalia depart to wed, his goons take the rest captive and reveal their true plan: Skribble agrees and becomes the map again, letting the spider and his friends go free.

He proves to be a tough foe, even having his own beam attack, but Yugo uses his portal to deflect Father’s beam attack back at him. Its protector is Kerubim and Atcham’s brother, Ush. But when they arrive, Amalia suddenly disappears.

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horolger To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Noximilien l’Horloger 05 Jun Retrieved from ” https: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Meanwhile, Igol is back, and continues to hunt down Adamai. The group is staying at Xav’s place, and getting some tips on how to deal with Skribble from its original master, Xav’s father, Ratweasel.

Noximilien voice Jules de Jongh In a last act of self-sacrifice, Echo uses her powers to send Yugo’s hologer and the Demi-Gods though the Hyperzaap, leaving her and Oropo, who still loves her, to die as the Eliacube creates a massive black hole that destroys Oropo’s dimension.

Noximilien l’Horloger

Rue and Yugo escape with the sap and return to Nausea’s where they save Amalia and return the dolls back to normal. Later, when Dally is taken by Remington and Grany, Eva takes with her a massive Shushu weapon with her in order to trade him back. Arpagone tries to convince the real Ruel to join her and Oropo.

Meanwhile, Percedal had been moved by Elely into a hollow dead tree where he can be safe since Poo has been following them. Yugo asks her to come help find Percedal, but she is hesitant.

Things don’t go well as Lamechester begins using cheap tricks to get the upper hand. Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video. Thanks to Qilby, the Brotherhood of the Tofu forms again to begin new adventures, and a new mission: