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Man, the MV totally rocks.. Wai Rai High School. This is my first time subbing for a lakorn. Posted 21 November – Miss this drama so much!!! I get kind of emotional while listening to it. I really fall in love with Ryu Arthit Please post and I’ll PM to ask you further if you’re interested.

The coach likes another teacher which another guy teacher likes that teacher. Arthit Ryu Profile Name: By 0ly40 Started September 14, After that, he went to drop her off at home. Aon and Ryu tried to spend their last moments together. By 0ly40 Started September 7, Posted November 23, When it aired i didn’t pay that much attention to it though.

Well, I added you. So, she told Aon and Bo to go join the basketball team with her.

Jay saw what had happened, so she threw a pencil at her head, but no one knows that Jay did it. If anyone is interested in helping me translates or help time. Wai Rai High School. So, she had to take her to the hospital and then she called Dan. Any1 can confirm bout that? Ryu, Lakana, Nathalie, Big and Dan It’s really suppose to be La-khor, but Thai can’t pronounce it without having to add the N at the end.


This drama is really good Jay likes Dan, Ong likes Nathalie, but Nathalie likes the coach. But the group isn’t stable, Big has a major crash on Aon but Aon and Ryu kind of like each other but neither one of them show and tell about their feelings, Jay likes Dan but Dan likes Nathalie but Nathalie has a crash on the university basketball coach and at the same time the coach has a crash on this teacher and Ong likes Nathalie and the Wai Rai Gang drama club’s teacher has a crash on the same teacher that the coach is crashing on.

Aon and her classmates are so hard to handle until one day a new teacher is hire and sign to the class, Miss Yanee, is a tough,good,nice and enjoyable teacher.

wairai high school 10-1

Lakorn is Thai may be Laos also word meaning “a stage performance, a play, a drama”. Miss this drama so much!!! She decided to leave Dan because all her life she got everything, but Jay had a very tough life.

The leader of the group is Aon who is a brave girl,one day a new student join their class Ryu who is always moody,alone and most of all hates the group of prankster. Posted 30 October – Roo Tung Roo I know I know.


Its a drama which should not be miss by me obviously. It has a lot of friendship and touching.

Cik Wangi: Wai Rai High SchoolFreshie’s High School

Ryu, Ong, Big, and Dan joined. Posted November 23, Posted December 28, Especially Dan n Big Man, the MV totally rocks. This topic has been archived.

inline Cik Wangi at 9: I loved this series when it was running on malaysian tv! Aon and Ryu tried to spend their last moments together. I really fall in love with Ryu Arthit Ryu actions were touching to Big. When Big went the wrong way, Ryu saw and went to help, not caring if he wins or not.

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