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You’d know if you saw it. A nice little 2. And of course watching videos with Mediaplayer Classic. I also prefer to play the “older” games in cinema mode, Steam has ” steam theater” to do so, which is cool but does not yet work flawlessly with all games. If you havs an htc vive you will be throwing your money away. Thank you for your helpful and informative posts. All you’re doing is making yourself look like an obnoxious, rabid fanboy.

My experience with P2 was very frustrating and disappointing. What research can you do regarding VorpX? Its far from perfect, but the only solution so far. Basically creating a diorama effect where it’s like looking into a box that you can approach instead of just a 3D screen that works best at one position. And you’re 40 bucks invested. Overall, I was really disappointed with the experience and ended up switching over to Cinema mode again, which wasn’t as immersive but didn’t have any quality problems and makes more sense when you’re aiming with the mouse. Its the only mode I use now, and no, its not like sitting in front of a bigscreen.

In my experience, if you want to cinfma an enjoyable VorpX game play, mods play new games. January 16, at I agree as Vorpx is a waste of money for games not ment for VR. If you’re only using this mode then Tridef VR https: I prefer it so I can zoom the screen a bit larger and the curve helps me see everything easier without as much head turning. Apr 30, 3: However, VorpX not even trying to hook to Wreckfest, that’s just weird.

Steam Community :: Guide :: How to play Wreckfest in VR using vorpX

January 13, at Personally, I never recommend it as a normal consumer purchase. Either way it should cinems banned. If I’m playing 2d games I’ll do so on my 4k monitor.

I have an idea it’s down to poor spacial forpx with the percentage who get dizzy and sick. It doesn’t even do 3D. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend VorpX to any but the most diehard of gamers who aren’t prone to motion sickness and don’t mind spending a lot of time tinkering with settings. The depth map method is easier on the system though, so if you have a weaker setup it can still be a good choice even with VorpX they call it Z-buffer 3d as opposed to geometry 3d.


Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. I recently enyoyed Woolfe: Would love to see Limbo or Inside supported.

If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support. Overhead games like Brothers are lots of fun and gives much more feeling of depth into the world few graphical glitches though. January 21, at This caused some visual glitches – objects near the edges of my view would flicker in and out of existing since Source’s culling algorithms didn’t know that my FOV was that high.


Its far from perfect, but the only solution so far. And of course watching videos with Mediaplayer Classic. I get no motion sickness with mirrors edge or any other game. People that corpx otherwise are unrealistic dreamers that want to pretend their way to vr. How-to configure vorpX to play Wreckfest in cinema mode with stereoscopic 3D.

It’s mildly interesting for a moment but ultimately it runs poorly and is uncomfortable. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit.

Speaking of Cinema mode, has the curve screen option been removed? I’ve never seen it using those tools before. You can complain about VorpX without the tinfoil approach of saying everyone complimenting it is a shill.

Its the only mode I use now, and no, its not like sitting in front of a bigscreen. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

VorpX now available for the Vive. Disappointing! :: SteamVR General Discussions

Log in or sign up in seconds. My experience with P2 was very frustrating and disappointing. This is my fav! It is for people that like to fight and test settings to get the right experience if possible.


They market their software like it’s a commercial product ready for the end-user and then the minute they have your money, they’re like “Well, I mean, if you don’t know what you’re forpx why would you buy this.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. I also add the ambient lighting to the void environment and it vkrpx a huge difference imo.

And it’s crap on many of them. But, I’ve had enjoyable and immersive Fallout VR play cindma. As for the 3D cinema mode, that’s more from users that don’t like how VorpX cannot work that well for VR but actually makes games more fun when in 3D. I looked through the list of supported games and picked out Metro and Vermintide to test out next.

Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Wreckfest. Some kode that you may think have no support can be added using existing profiles.

I’ve played dozens of games on it. That’s what it’s for.

Don’t underestimate cinema mode

Not one game it lists works well. Some of the good include wandering around skyrim, and playing witcher 3 in cinema mode which was absolutely amazing. I was a bit suprised at how queasy I got cienma Mirror’s Edge because I almost never get anything approaching motion sickness; I seriously had to quit after about five minutes just so I wouldn’t vomit.