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Note that this is Simon, who by his own admission absolutely loathes jumping puzzles. Search on popular sources:. Hoist by His Own Petard: Screw This, I’m Out of Here! Our Werewolves Are Different: Basically the working formula for anything Will Order and Parv Chaos star in together. During his guest role, Sips’ proposal for becoming mayor is that he builds a diamond-plated sex dungeon. Made up my own ending to SoI.

The reason they take Fumblemore to their adventure maps. Come here I want to play with you, Then in a booming voice I will hug you and squeeze you and call you Lewis. The group attract the attention of a Lord Of Torment while exploring the abandoned dwarf city and barely escape it’s rampage. This is then subverted twice, but in two different ways. Now, our heroes awaken. Do I get magical powers when I put the goggles on?

The series as a whole. Martyn also has his moments. Then they stole their wool and failed to find any more. J van der Blueexphos reviews A series that is based around the popular internet series by the Yogscast: During “Sjillies”, Sjin jokes that there are werewolves on bluexephs server there aren’tand says that they have enhanced hearing, as well as an insatiable hunger for chilli. For Want of a Nail: After Simon gives him back the fake deed, he pretends to switch things in his inventory and gives Simon back the deed he just gave Sjin and while Simon was checking the deed left via a link book while Team Volhz was distracted.

One of Strippin’s proposals to be mayor is that they should devote their efforts to finding a crashed meteorite and farm the materials. Search on popular sources:. Neither Sjin nor Lewis have done anything to deal with the giant chasm in their plot of land, which they cannot easily see due to the barley growing so high. I think I mixed metaphors a bit. So elisode, just two men, swimming together under a starry night sky.

We’re supposed to be getting him back, not encouraging him! A series in which various members of the Yogscast plus one or two friends elect a mayor every week, who then divides up tasks for everyone to work on.


Voltz 22 – The Road To War – YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon :: Let’s Play Index

Share this page with your friends and followers:. Parv’s basic reason for doing anything, Blood Magic included, is that he wants to cause as much chaos as possible. Ridgedog and Duncan go into creative mode to spawn rejuvenation missiles in to revert the landscape; rather justified as nobody wanted a second version of Tekkit War and viltz only been using it for a few weeks at that point. Well, everyone except Sips and Sjin. It only stays up because Lewis and Simon to an extent thinks it looks cool and “works fine”.

Well, we did try Lewis in blusxephos tourist adventure map, right before cheating. During Episode 33, Lewis is attempting to warn the others that he’s just been given a warning that if they don’t build a statue for the Queen, they’ll be trapped in the land forever.

With the two apart from each other and Israphel’s corrupting influence on Xephos’ sanity, will the two ever complete the task of destroying the Dark Lord?

“Yogscast” Voltz 18 – Thermobarack (TV Episode ) – Full Cast & Crew – IMDb

Lewis and Sjin agree on a series of gun turrets for eisode border defence. Smiffy immediately points out that this isn’t really profitable enough for the entire team to work on. It’s usually Simon’s fault. The emergency exit for the “Mile High Club” room is fine for anyone who has gliders, but anyone without is guaranteed a fall to their death.

It began as a lone venture, but he brought in Parvis in episode seven because trying to play alone without someone to bounce of was, to quote “numbing his brain”. Odd Couple Technician vs. They got swarmed by mobs and killed much more frequently than Simon and Lewis, volta trap didn’t work, and their cheating attempt ended badly too.

We need the old man well and rested! After waking up in a stone plains area, he tries to remember eisode happened. It was practically made for him.


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Unfortunately Sjin doesn’t know how to get out of their base which is where the link book leads and is immediately killed when Simon realizes he has the fake deed and follows Sjin. Simon scoffs at this and declares epiode the puzzle is incredibly easy, volta no one could possibly fall in. It takes three Sky Island pvp matches before everyone participating is able to set up a proper cobblestone generator, even Duncan and Sjin, who at the time it went up were running their own Sky Island survival with a working cobblestone generator.

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Lewis insists Simon’s miles away from the creeper-infested planetoid, Simon, then tells him to be careful when it’s already too late. The second he picks up the sword, his HP rapidly drains and he dies, with the cause of death listed as “punished for using a relic that isn’t theirs”. Episode 33 gives us ” Don’t misgender the whale. Ridgedog manages to build a working fusion reactor with about a third of the materials usually needed. The reason they take Fumblemore to their adventure maps.

May explode your happy feels.

eepisode Zoey and Rythian Fanfic by darqussecain reviews What would happen if Zoey raged? Sips remarks in episode 38 how he’s planning for a big Christmas party next year, and says it’s going to be a real shindig. Trott’s attitude in Week 7, when he is made mayor. He does it again at the end of episode twenty one when he finds a Staff of Teleportation.

A giant Simon does this to tiny Lewis in the Gulliver mod spotlight, after nearly killing him with one punch.