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Touchscreen The VivoBook’s touchscreen responds quickly and accurately. Nvidia Geforce GT M. Entertainment sort by value. This was extraordinarily fast in the test. Nevertheless, the SLB’s family resemblance is evident everywhere. The Core i7 is the largest available configuration that Asus can currently offer for this VivoBook.

The connectivity can also almost completely be adopted from our previously tested sister model. We recommend that you check with your local dealers for the specifications of the products available in your country. Although this is rational for the keyboard, it is too bad for the screen. The casing has only been modified slightly and looks just as appealing as its precursors. The user will move on to the classic Windows desktop most of the time which is not optimized for finger gestures. The VivoBook’s touchscreen responds quickly and accurately. As seen in the past, the VivoBooks can regain a few points in contrast.

This is definitely an advantage in our opinion.

The casing has only been modified slightly and looks serid as appealing as its precursors. A much bigger nuisance results from the mouse replacement’s interaction with Windows 8. As expected, the results are within the typical average range z550ca-cj036h this processor type and slightly lag behind comparable standard voltage models as usual.

In vvivobook cases, screens reach Kelvin. Nevertheless, the Haswell update shows a few changes. This seems to ivvobook sense alongside Windows 8 whose tile interface is just designed and optimized for touch gestures. Users who operate a mouse or the like on this side will frequently touch the plug with their hand.

The temperatures reach higher rates due to the dedicated graphics unit. The buyer gets an appealing total package fused with a large battery, a GB hard drive and 8 GB of working memory. However, they partly leave even much power-hungrier standard voltage i3 CPUs behind. Users who want to be faster and on the safe side can connect the S to their network switch. The image dims extremely in larger opening angles and fades quickly in smaller angles. Swiping, zooming, rotating and tapping intuitively via the touch of a finger – this method of touch-sensitive use is surely not an awe-inspiring innovation seeing that we have been using touchscreens in our phones or tablets for years.


Review Asus VivoBook S550CM-CJ038H Ultrabook

The design is plain and elegant. However, we did not perceive this as annoying or loud. The manufacturer does not experiment with the keyboard either. However, we quite liked the robust chassis of the SCM because of the very tightly pulled s550ca-ch036h and the display’s increased stability.

Asus installs a glare screen in the VivoBook. A Bluetooth interface for wireless data sharing finishes the communication bundle.

ASUS VivoBook SCA | Laptops | ASUS Global

Computation sort by value. Still smooth gameplay in high details and native resolution. However, this is not caused by the processor but due to the graphics card which loads the fan.

The manufacturer’s logo adorns the center. The touch-ultrabook reached a very audible noise level of 42 dB in this application scenario, as can be seen in our noise level graph below.

Review Asus VivoBook S551LB-CJ026H Ultrabook

ASUS VivoBook S is all about quick accessibility and with its energy-conserving design goes into standby for up to two weeks. It is secured with many screws.

The display closes flush with the casing. CalMan – color accuracy. Thus, the user should invest in external speakers or headphones for touh demands on sound quality.

This was extraordinarily fast in the test. The VivoBook is just as unsuitable for outdoor use as its precursors. Smooth throughout, the responsive touchscreen means your fingers can slide edge to edge naturally and unhindered. Its low brightness makes working outdoors virtually impossible. This adds a few minutes to the VivoBook’s battery runtime.


The processor-integrated graphics unit remains active until a computing-heavy 3D application is started. It is based on an average TN screen whose rates do not break any records. The large hinge keeps the screen in the desired position. Advantageously, the VivoBook SCM sports an optical drive despite its low construction height of just over 2 cm.

The SCA achieved an identical contrast of The screen proves to be apt due to its fast response and good detection of multi-touch gestures and the Windows 8 tile interface is convenient. An evident peak can be seen in the red component, among others.

The speakers are powered by SonicMaster. The array of the U and GT M also achieved the expected scores for vibobook hardware combination in the newer 3DMark 11, which hint at a satisfactory gaming performance for the touch-ultrabook. ASUS VivoBook S gives you deeper and richer bass, a wider audio range, true-to-life surround, powerful output, distinct vocals, and pristine clarity.

Potential buyers who do not z550ca-cj036h the touch feature are well advised with the S56CM sister model.

Left-handed users will not find the situation ideal for use since the fan and the ports at the front are on the left. The slim ultrabook does quite a good job with noise emissions. Next to the installed hardware, the speakers are not an unimportant component in a multimedia device.

Is it a superfluous try to follow the touchscreen hype or is really an added value for the laptop’s use?