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The Komine make is indicated by the serial number starting with Its not to say you should toss this lens around but take this as a testament to its build quality. Just yesterday, it rolled off table as I was changing lenses during a shoot and hit the ground with a resounding thud. I’ve got one too. You cannot get any better for the price range, I think. UK Supporting Member Expire:

Be warned that the lens is a hefty beast. You must log in or sign up to reply here. I documented the whole summer with it. Close focus “Macro” capabilities at 28 mm. Vivitar also made a 19mm f3. There are at least five known versions from different manufacturers all sold under the Vivitar brand. The Vivitar mount is an authentic lens you can count on for indoor and outdoor picture-taking. Apparently it is available with and without the A setting.

Mine has the A setting so it was a little seris expensive. I gave it to a guy who repaired lenses as a hobby and got it back unassembled. This lens is easily the “main tank” of my collection.

I used it while driving a 96 foot long hay hauling semi that worked in and out of the fields. The result is far better resolution at a pittance of a price for both digital Video and stills. Not the sharpest lens but good for video, haven’t had an opportunity to use it on a job but it’s testing quite well.


Vivitar Series 1 28-90mm F2.8-3.5 Zoom

Wow this completely dismisses what now already sounds like a myth about the Tamron SP being legendary. Vivita may also like. My favorite lens so far. Display posts from previous: It’s always just made a lot more sense to me to carry two zooms, instead: Handling on a NEX-5T is front-heavy but generally okay. My hosting service’s server crashed over a year ago, but I’m still finding broken links.

Vivitar Series 1 mm f/ MF Lens For Canon | eBay

For those interested here are a few quick ko,ine done at ISOpentax kD, with only one single overhead fluorescent light, with my ‘new’ viv series 1. I have that lens in K mount and I would say it’s about as good as the I will be moving over from Canon but that was expected given all komone Nikkors waiting to be mounted on a full-frame 35mm sensor Here are a few shots taken with this lens.

In good light and if you can live with the close focusing limit at 28, the is still a very nice lens. With extension tube You can find me on Instagram.

Thus just doesn’t sound right to me. I’ve had this lens for over 20years, don’t use it much any more but it is still a very sharp lens. Click here to see on Ebay.


I grew up with vivutar on the camera being manual: You will be able to change from one lens to another within a matter of seconds. The way it handles is very comfortable and intuitive. Thank you all for your comments and contributions. The mm zoom makes it a truly versatile lens giving you a nice range from wide to telephoto and even gives you macro to vivitsr It’s a Komine after all You are making it harder and harder to wait for the mailman.

The good news is that the reduced sensor size on most digital SLRs mitigates the wide angle vignetting.

UK Supporting Member Expire: This is the third…. Maybe I will think differently after i use it for a whole day. Each one can accomplish different things and have diverse effects on your photography. The focus of my copy is smooth but offers quite some resistance.

It was just about the perfect walking around lens for me. The following images are pixel-level crops from the test chart.