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Beyond the Brilliant Future! Just then, an electro-magnetic Alone Pincushion appears over Tokyo, shorting out every electrical device it passes by. Akane is taken into intensive care whilst the Alone that attacked her wraps itself onto the Tokyo Skytree. En route to school, Akane’s bike breaks down, forcing her to use the Vivid System in an effort to arrive on time. Returned to Akane’s place again, Rei feels relieved when she is reunited with her key, which Akane and her friends helped search for, although she declines Akane’s offer of being friends. Not considered in his plan, however, was Rei escaping from her custody and assisting the girls in a not-so-subtle disguise.

Akane tells her that she already knew about that, but admired her perseverance to eat them regardless and assures her they are best friends. Later, Aoi runs into Rei, who tells her how forgiving Akane is to others. As Rei returns home, she is visited by a crow, who punishes her for saving the child via a mark on her neck, reminding her of her mission. Akane soon makes a quick recovery from her injuries, much to the relief of Aoi and her friends. Shokugeki no Soma Knights of Sidonia: Demi-Human season 2 Descending Stories: Prisoners of the Sky Uta no Prince-sama: Trinity Soul Birdy the Mighty:

Following the battle, Himawari decides to start attending classes before asking Kenjirou for his autograph. After the battle, Himawari makes plans to have Wakaba hang out with her for a whole day whilst Rei, who was unable to power up the Alone in time, becomes more desperate.

Afterwards, Akane goes to the hospital to visit her mother, Mashiro, who assures her that Rei will open up to her someday. Akane tries to get to know her quiet classmate, Indi Kuroki, unaware that she is the one assisting the Alone. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Reconfirming their friendship, Akane and Aoi perform the Docking Operation, fusing together to become Vivid Blue and combining their strengths to destroy the Alone. Later that oprration, after receiving another harsh reminder of her objective from the crow, Rei learns about Akane’s link with the Manifestation Engine’s inventor.

Rei decides to gamble on acting after the arrival of the next Alone.

Vividred Operation Episode 12 END[Subtitle Indonesia] – Dean Corporation

A video game developed by BanprestoVividred Vovidred Because of this, the world has entered a new era of peace. Rei enjoys the evening as she has dinner, takes a bath and spends the night, and hears from Akane as to why she wanted to become her friend, making a promise that they’ll stay friends.


Retrieved December 31, Later, Aoi runs into Rei, who tells her how forgiving Akane is to others. That night, Rei goes on a mission to destroy the Manifestation Engine by herself, but is forced to abort when she is discovered by patrol robots. With the crow taking off to head towards the Manifestation Engine, Akane finds Rei’s key, which she believes may hold the key to their victory.

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Rei is put under high security and Akane and the others are forbidden episide talk with her, while Kenjirou deduces that she is from epissode world. As Rei panics when she realises she has dropped a key precious to her, Akane is called into action as an Alone Box appears. Demi-Human season 2 Descending Stories: Despite the human vivivred forces hitting them with all they’ve got, they prove to be no match to the Alone’s immense power.

Working together, Wakaba and Himawari manage to hold off the Alone’s attacks long enough for Akane and Aoi to defeat it with Vivid Blue. Maji Love Kingdom Rei reveals her world was destroyed by Manifestation energy, being told by the crow that she could bring it back if she destroyed the Manifestation Engine.

Just then, they are called in to fight an Alone Seahorse planning to charge into the Manifestation Engine from outside the Earth’s atmosphere.

After knocking out the Alone’s core and temporarily stopping its movement, Akane and Aoi attempt the Docking Operation, but it fails due to Aoi subconsciously rejecting the fusion in fear of having Akane read her memory. Akane tells her that she already knew about that, but admired her perseverance to eat them regardless and assures her they are best friends.

Himawari decides to attend the photo shoot on the condition that Wakaba be her servant for the day. As the girls find their attacks ineffective against the Alone’s new form, Aoi confesses to Akane that she actually hates tomatoes, which she didn’t want her to learn through the docking.

Phoenix Priestess Blue Exorcist: However, this peace didn’t last for long. Zero — Persona 4: Just then, the factory they are visiting is attacked by the Alone from the previous day, which had undergone an evolution. Meanwhile, Kenjirou tells Yuuri about how the Alone are linked to the accident that occurred seven years ago.


Vividred Operation Episode 12 Subtitle Indonesia

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Her key soon glows and she is able to activate the Vivid System, granting her vibidred suit called the Pallet Suit which prevents her and Aoi from falling. Undeterred by his new form, Kenjirou gives Akane his latest invention, a strange key known as an Operation Key.

Love Is War The Golden Animation Black Butler: Afterwards, Momo gets Kenjirou to apologize for his deceit whilst the others thank Rei for her help. As Wakaba comes to realise what true strength is from watching Akane and Aoi fight, she asks to fight alongside them, allowing her to acquire her own Operation Key.

Crazy Shrine Maidens Birdy the Mighty: Virgin Soul Altair: The next morning, Akane finds her washed up on the shore and takes her back to her episoxe to help her recover. Mayonnaise Operation with Akane! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Vividerd. The 4koma 2 Viviop] in Japanese.

The show sits in a bit of an odd place where it’ll be too tame for the majority of the audience who loved Strike Witchesyet at the same time it’s still too racy and male-friendly to appeal to the young girls who are traditionally the audience for magical girl shows.

After defeating an Alone LanternAkane continues to struggle with her studies due to a lack of sleep. After the battle, the mysterious being Kenjirou saw seven years ago appears, revealing Rei’s world has been restored. Meanwhile Rei, who was promised by the crow that she would able to restore the world she came from and bring back her parents if she assisted the Alone, prepares to fire another arrow, but falls unconscious before she can do so.

Kyoto Saga Eromanga Sensei Wotakoi: When the photos get some good feedback, with the editors wanting her to go pro, Himawari gets upset at Wakaba when she operatjon a shoot for a day when she promised to take her to see a factory.

ActionComedy-dramaScience fiction. Wakaba decides to take Himawari shopping with her, putting her in a cute dress that starts attracting a lot of attention.