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The fact that his character worked so well is due to whats-his-name’s performance sorry, too lazy to attempt to spell it right now. This film is being badly mis-marketed. The movie starts out mediocre, a couple is seizing one last hope of finding their missing child, but it goes quickly down hill from there. There are a lot of drawn out parts of the movie where they appear to be just wasting your time with pointless mundane footage. I’m glad you appreciated it also. Audible Download Audio Books. Seemingly out of a dream, several shots of a ghostly Joshua, in stark red lighting, sets the mysterious tone of the film.

And while these two movies are very different in terms of plot and mood, they have quite a lot in common in terms of themes and execution; clearly du Welz is establishing trademarks that will make his works instantly recognizable. Aren’t there probably ten-million kids in world with such tops? I’d recommend Apocalypse Now for the locations and close finale similarity for this movie. This movie tries to tackle three things. This was my downfall. The characters were so badly portrayed I had no empathy or interest whatsoever for them and the consequences of their actions. Fabrice du Welz shows again why he’s a great director,a truly great horror director how can some critics call Darren Lynn Bousman, Eli Roth an Rob Zombie the “horror directors of the new generation”?

I don’t remember much of this moviewhat I do remember will haunt me for the rest of my life. A quarter of a million people died in the Indian Ocean on that day. That is my interpretation, but others will see differently and I recommend watching this one twice to see parts of the whole picture. A restricted explanatiion only accessible by boats through a triad of Thakin Gao who has military ties that smuggles girls to bars in Myanmar. Fabrice Du Welz has created a film that manages to be breathtakingly lovely, even when it’s being terrifying and downright awful, a feat that few film makers can achieve.

Because it went so long, I noticed that very few hands were smearing her back, and none on her arms, since every kid was going right for the boobies. Was their son kidnapped? Their voyage into the jungle mirrors Jeanne essentially going mad and Paul helplessly dragged along behind her. Vinyan trades the frigid wasteland of the French Alps for the foreboding majesty of the jungles of Southeast Asia.


The central characters break-up briefly in Bangkok, Thailand and later find each other; then, they begin to draw up plans for travel, to Burma the location in which the video, possibly showing Joshua, was shot. IrishLass 26 April Polarizing movif amongst those who love the film for its strange approach to storytelling and those who detest “Vinyan,” for the sheer mundaneness of the execution, this film will evoke strong emotions during a viewing.

This introduces an enigma that, for me, defines the film. I don’t know maybe I am numb to horror movies, but I didn’t find anything scary about this movie what so ever. The latter is of course a classic for inner torment and madness, the former an epic in futility to Lord Of the Exllanation style ending. So, don’t believe if you read that this movie is expalnation bad copy of Explanatioj works.

As for the last scene my jaw hit the ground as I realised, yes they could reach depths that would top the previous drivel. Thanks for the tip.

The Youth Are Getting Restless

After a series of weird incidents, Sonchai leaves the trio in an abandoned village. There is no suspense or thrill, and the only horror is that I sat through the whole thing. There were a couple of crane shots that were just awesome. Even when she gives away all their money when they’re in the middle of nowhere Also, the visual details of flashing police sirens adds another movle quality to the film, that creates for a more enjoyable viewing.

Here are the ghosts? If you like it, watch “Calvaire”, Welz’s explanatuon work, a real horror gem. The set-up really needs a great big dollop of suspension of disbelief too. The Agitation of the Mind vonyan after some words of wisdom by Werner Herzog ; and Seduced By Starlight celebrating sci-fi cover art the way it used to be View my complete profile.

Rewind Review: ’s ‘Vinyan’ |

Closing out the film, on some level with Paul’s death the finale makes one say wow as the film, which mostly seems directionless, adds in one vinyqn twist than is completely unforeseeable. Anyhow I have wasted enough time.


There’s about 20 minutes of actual movie, and then 1: Then the movie ends when the lady is getting fondled by a group of jungle childrenthis was the scariest part of the movie and left me Questing what the f did that have to do anything. An error has occured. You are commenting using your WordPress.

One thing is really, really wrong about this movie, it’s not an horror movie, it’s not vinyam drama movie, it’s not even a real movie. Primarily focusing on the grief of losing a loved one “Vinyan,” shows how two characters deal differently with grief.

And why should we care about these people at all? I think I found myself holding my breath.

The movie starts off good but in the end you find yourself wondering WTF. I’d recommend Apocalypse Now for the locations and close finale similarity for this movie. It would be best if vi Their guide, Thanksin Gao a wonderfully creepy performance by Petch Osathanugrahcan never be gauged on how trustworthy he is.

Du Welz does not cue in the viewer in as to when dream sequences are happening, or if they are happening and the last half of the film highlights this director’s impressionistic view of storytelling. Apart from her blank eyes, she has a mouth like Howard the duck. They are the real vinyans, of course. Recent Posts October Countdown: The drama lays in the fact that Jeanne has lost her child and wants to find him back against all the negative advise.

What is going on? Another highlight was Francois Des-Eudes’ score for the film. Yet we jump immediately to the two of them back together, in a completely different area of the forest.