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At bedtime, the Family play a prank on Sooro by pretending that Daesung would be leaving the show with this being his last evening. Gasong Village, North Gyeongsang. As Chunhee gathers and washes the vegetables, he sustains the oppression of two Stepmother Kims, in Sooro and Jongkook. Due to Kang Dae-sung’s absence, two guests were featured. The next morning, the wake-up mission involves a trivia game, ultimately with Daesung and Jaesuk being held responsible for breakfast duty. After eating, the Family welcome the homeowners’ return. In the morning, Jaesuk operates a cups and balls game for the wake-up mission where Jongshin, Jaesuk, and Sooro are assigned breakfast duty.

The fourth sequence shows Hyori reliving her most embarrassing moments on the show during the guessing game with Shin Hye-sung , followed by Yejin rejecting men at a mock club scene. The night games took place inside an abandoned textile factory. In the morning, the Family gather oysters from the beach, then play their wake-up mission on the muddy shores, where they must swing their bodies around a horizontal beam. The evening concludes with a play-acting break-up scene. As the evening closes, sleep order rankings are determined with the members acting most innocently, featuring a hoppingly cute Yejin and dance performance from Taeyeon. Highlights include 1 Hyori’s team dominating every game despite having the “worst” members of Jaesuk and Jongshin and 2 an emerging rivalry between Haejin and Jaesuk. The whole episode was filled with laughter and melancholy, ending with the tear-filled departure of Lee Chun-hee and Park Ye-jin. Later, the Family visit a turkey farm to catch one for dinner, with Daesung and Jaesuk displaying their usual hesitation while Hyuk and Chunhee chase down an escaped bird.

During stew preparations, Taehyun calls his wife for assistance, only to find their recipe is grossly mistakened, but eventually conjure up a servicable breakfast menu. In the morning, the wake-up mission comprises trivia and a tickling test, sezson Jinwook and Jaesuk relegated to breakfast duty, where Jaesuk becomes increasingly frustrated with Jinwook’s inability to cook and barrage of non sequiturs.

The Family then gather at a local valley to sing songs from The Sound of Music before playing a football-like game, where Sooro accidentally pushes Chunhee off the field and Jaesuk is ignored vvietsub chastised by his team.

Visiting Gangwon-do brought back memories of the first trip of the “Family”. Highlights include Hyori threatening to withhold Jongkook’s wages if he dares to take a break and Hyori caning the three men when their attempts at humor are deemed not funny. After dinner, the Family wrap Christmas presents for the local village children, who fakily introduced with self-portraits. While carrying the felled tree home, Deason and Jongshin slip into a freezing stream.

Afterwards, to prepare dinner, Jongkook and Yejin are sent to the market to find vegetables and nuts, but to interfere with a running ‘love scandal’ gag, Chunhee is instructed to tag along and act as an interloper, only to have the couple furtively escaping his oversight.

Family Outing Episode 74 [ENG SUB]

While in the mud field, the Family participate in a water basin carrying race in the shallow waters, featuring 1 Jaesuk and Haejin’s rivalry and repeated falls and 2 the ongoing battle between Sooro and Chunhee. Viestub Man episode, definitely a must-watch.


Highlights include inept physical performances from Jaesuk and Jongshin leading to their trademark sad accordion music. After dinner, the Family play a team-order guessing game to determine the ordinal ranking of the opposing team on topics such as IQ and frequency of being dumped romantically. Highlights of the bamboo gathering team include Daesung and Chunhee fighting for Yoona’s affections, with Daesung laying on top of bamboo shoots to create a oouting path for Yoona, only to be hindered by Sooro as he inquires about the girl outng Daesung text-messaged.

Arriving at vietsuv village, the Family head to the wheat fields to harvest first by hand, then with a combine operated by Sooro. Returning to the house, the Family prepare meju from the fermented soybean, with a kiss on the cheek for the victor, Changeui.

After dinner, with Chunhee returning, the Family play the “Truth” game, guessing each other’s good and bad points as decided by the other members. Wonhee selects Jaesuk and Daesung to assist her with breakfast preparation, with the three catching a chicken from the local farm after much consternation.

The next morning, a watermelon seed spitting game enables the selection of Jaesuk, Daesung, and Yejin for breakfast duty. After harvesting potatoes from the field, the three prepare curry rice while singing along to The Lion King. On the beach, Sooro and Jongshin trade praises while directing Sungrok, as the other Family members dive for abalone. After the game session, the rest of the Family continue with kimchi preparation while Jaesuk, Daesung, and Sooro mischievously head off to town to seek out other necessary ingredients.

After the game, the Family returns home to clean the house and express their gratitude to the homeowners with an audio recording. Returning to the house, the homeowners send the Family off with farewell gifts.

Other highlights of dinner include Hyori supervising “Dumb and Eo, who gather vegetables while outiny with equal parts fear and doubt and 2 Jongshin and Jaesuk’s “snowy” stew seasoning.

Athena goddess of war ep. Seasln the last game, the “Family” played ssireum in a local beach along Hwang River. The team who finished with the longest amount of time has to do the nighttime chores. During sleep order rankings, the Family attempt celebrity imitations and impromptu poetry.

After a game of paper rock scissors, Jaesuk, Jongshin, Jongkook, and Seungwon are selected to gather octopus in the local pond for night duty. Afterwards, the Family perform dances to determine sleep order rankings, supplemented with some gifts of sweet potatoes and chocolate bars. A total of episodes have aired.

Family outing ep 80 eng sub

As the Family re-gather, they play an ice-block carrying game, with the men performing ridiculous demonstrations of strength to earn Yoona’s pick, including Jongshin breaking an ice-block with his head.

Lee Chun-hee[nb 1] [4] Kim Dong-wan Shinhwa. During dinner preparations, the audience is introduced to the “Stepmother Kim and Chundrella” characters, as well as Chunhee’s trademark children’s Cinderella song.


Highlights include Sooro the “Game Devil” carrying Hyori’s team to victory, Jongshin’s “old man” accordion music, and Yejin losing her sense of direction following the “elephant spin”.

These episodes also feature guest appearances by SNSD: The voices in the abandoned factory! Highlights include Jongshin invoking his newborn son, Chunhee bribing with aloe leaves, and Yejin falling to the ground in tears. The Family gather at the village, teasing Jongkook and Hyori over their movie “date” and Jongshin’s hair perm. Junjin and Sooro are the aces during this race through water game, with teammates acting as obstacles for the opposing competitor, leading to much foul play from moving-road-block Yejin and upright-wall Sooro.

Returning to the house, the Family decide to catch a chicken for dinner, with Jaesuk and Daesung exhibiting their characteristic cowardice, and relying on Yejin’s quick hands and precision technique for the capture.

Highlights of cooking include Hyori using Chunhee’s face in lieu of a wall for the throw-and-stick test and Chunhee working hard for praise from Hyori.

Highlights include Hyori teasing Jongkook about their blossomoning love-line, with Jongkook’s refusal, and Jongshin pledging to pay back his loans and wishes for the invention of a ‘fountain of youth’ pill.

Gamsan Village, Jeju Island. The Family roast the clams and prepare a sezson stew for dinner, uoting partake in an individual competition to roast open clams. During sleep order rankings, the Family men dance while donning an Afro wig and gold chain and Yejin bribes her way to first place among the women with cookies. Family Outing Season 2 ep 1 part 2 Eng Sub. Further preparing for dinner, Chunhee, Sooro, and Changeui gather strawberries from a green house, while Hyori scolds Dumb and Dumber at home.

It first aired on June 15, with the first season ending on February 14, Executing their first assigned task of catching eels, the Family pile rocks as a trap before playing water balloon and water-basin filling games, with the latter eliciting much famil play. With the Family re-gathering for dinner, Jungmin assists with soup cooking by tossing in carelessly chopped vegetables and half-eaten garlic. Kim Min-joonJi Sang-ryeol [nb 3].

Family outing season 1 ep 79 eng sub dailymotion / Chehraa full movie dailymotion

The episode opens with the Family enthusiastically welcoming Jongkook as a new member, focusing on Hyori’s bashfulness as the “One Man” arrives to pair vietwub with Daesung to form the “small-eyed brothers”. After eating, the Family greet Hyori’s mother and sister, who happen to be in town, then finish preparing the rice cake soup for the village elders.

In the morning, the wake-up mission calls for the Family to strike a gong with a mallet grasped by their feet, resulting in Jongshin, Dambi, and Chunhee assigned to sfason duty. Episode 28 then shifts to the unaired “X-Files”.