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What more can you ask for? Leave a Comment Without even having to glance over the caption, everyone must be recognizing the picture above straightaway. Copywriter at euro rscg adwork. As long as we can distinguish the good from the bad that is. So, what do you think? Maybe the citizens are finally able to voice their thoughts without having to go through the complicated process?

They’re not fond of rules. Like what has been discussed in the previous blog entry about the citizen journalism, it is one movement that is being accepted very well in South Korea. Walmart The Voice Actress. So what this has to do with the mobile journalism? Unlike its neighboring brother, North Korea, South Korea is more open towards modernization. The photo ” keumala ugadeng ” was uploaded by user mahruzal.

Few years back, these sentences might makes little to no sense at all! Whatever news they are broadcasting, with whatever point of view they are using, we as citizens-slash-audience will absorb these information. Art Director at erm I mean, VERY fast.

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Firstly, think about all that cost that can be cut down by retiring those cellphones. Does the way news distributed have been really changing? About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them.

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The possibility of journalists using Skype in the future is of course very appealing. This is the first website in the world where just about anyone can publish and edit news articles as they wish. So, what do you think?


As already talked about in the first post of this blog, Twitter is on the rise and it seems that it will still be until the next few years. A fatso jumping in the pool or a nerd-looking guy wanting to speak with his conquest, putting all these scenes in one spot? The only question remains now is how are we supposed to make the most out of it and maintain the quality of the news itself.

Scroll down to see the most favourite one or select the video collection in the navigation. Join Our Mailing List. And it even comes with the video on the side. This just in, Citizen Journalism is on the rise! So what this has to do with the mobile journalism? Oct 27, – 5: According to Media Smart it is When members of the public engage in journalism. Oct 22, – 4: Citizen Journalism Free News?

The website Stomp basically has the same idea as OhMyNews from South Korea that has already been discussed in this post. Video of A Mild: News about accidents and other daily occurrences happened without warning.

Without even having to glance over the caption, everyone must be recognizing the picture above straightaway. And the execution itself is so simple that you can start doing it right now.


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It is almost similar to the concept of Wikipedia in terms of its accessibility to just about anyone who have internet connectionbut more about the current news and affairs. If this is a cigarette advert, then those aren’t shadows. People starts twittering about news as it happens. Oct 21, – Nov 13, – 1: There is no law on tobacco advertising in Indonesia.

The photo ” Mesjid Vjdeo ” was uploaded by user Andy Mulya.

For those who have been reading my previous posts, this term should be very familiar by now. Rather than preaching to Gen Y, the brand decided to empower the audience instead. So it really is a relative thing to say that citizen journalism is being accepted well or not in our society. The photo ” Blang Kawee ” was uploaded by user Andy Keumalla.