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Cast – Vampire Detective. And now, she had to die all over again. Vampire Prosecutor 2 Favorite. Both men are in tears, and even as Dr. I really hope they do have a 3rd season. Jo’s humanity isn’t lost, recover Dr!!! La, then who was the first person that he has bitten. In the end it maybe that he will have to choose remain a vampire or use the cure to save her as he just has one shot of it.

I had a theory And I did get annoyed with the baddie’s minions fighting Tae-Yeon. Oof, it hurts to look at him this way. Ep 1 hits the ground running, so a lot of what they show starting from the very beginning matters later on, even on what we learn in later episodes. He says goodbye, but she ekes out that she can feel his past. Anyways, I love the show, the plot, the characters, u guys lol so I’m in for the 3rd season. I just watched eps 9 and 10 on hulu and yeah, I was scarred, mostly by this scene: About What would you do after discovering something shocking about yourself?

I loved this season. Cool, badass and full of substance. Lisa-Loo-Loo November 12, at 3: Then the van curiously stops. And the show is not new to us anymore, with us I mean: So do we have a good lead up for a high possibility for Season 3?

I don’t think that the gang ever used guns in the first series, or maybe I just missed it. Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. Last years baddie made a brief appearance last episode, and then nothing I actually really like L as a villian even if he is vamoire pointiest man to have ever had pointied.

VP surprised me too! I watched VP despite not generally being into crime or vampire shows simply coz it had vooddrama a fabulous reputation that I just wanted to see for myself what the fuss was about.


We will have to change the name now that we have two vampires They showed Bad Blood bite Jang Hoon, the first prosecutor, but thats years after that dude has been a vampire already, so i doubt that was his first victim but apparently he turned the prosecutor Prosecktor Hoon into one, so we can only assume that he was the first victim, which makes no sense at all, cause before he escaped he bit a whole lot of people but none of them turned.

Park Hoon was chasing Bad Blood after being turned into a vampire by him! I like the way they tied season 1 with this season. I liked this season but I was a bit detached from it.

Just finish watching VP2! Vwmpire on he meets that prosecutor Jang Hoon and somehow turns him when he bites him. Blood says sorry, and raises the syringe back to his neck. We want a 3rd seasonnnnnn!!!! Also, I’m very curious to learn Red Eyes true motivations as well as his background. There are a lot of blanks that can be speculated over and a lot of characters with loose ends that were never addressed.

Vampire Prosecutor Episode 9 English Sub [2/2]

He could die and then Dr. It’s just hard to guess. Perhaps it was the extra prosecuhor given to Red Eyes, which split the focus between the hero and the villain, whereas last year Tae-yeon was on an intensely personal trajectory. Click this link below!! March 14, at Can he continue to serve the needs of his clients while also trying to unravel the mystery of his own surreal dilemma?

Vampire Prosecutor 2: Episode 11 (Final) ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Time-Lapse Sequences Everything is gorgeously shot, and to up the intensity, snazzy time-lapse sequences are regularly used as pre-cursors to regular scenes, either to place us at the required moment in time, or to set the tone for a particular scene. He was a really rich character, and if there is a third season, I hope he survived the blast. At the beginning of the season, I found the episode-to-episode crimes a bit of a letdown.


Blood follows him out. There are alot of questions to be ask from this season [as i gooddama think] 1st. Ep 1 hits the ground running, so a lot of what they show starting from the very beginning matters later on, even on what we learn in later episodes.

So in the case of VP, there was bromance. That turned him into a vampire.

Vampire Prosecutor Episode 9 English Sub [2/2] – video dailymotion

Another gangster pulls a switchblade, but Dr. In one of the BTS vids she said “Season 3, fighting! Lol, that’s gonna be a long swim Split-screens, varying from simple 2-screen splits to dizzying multiple screen splits, are used fluidly and interchangeably with regular single screens. His adeptness of mind and agility of thought is impressive, and he is all business while he outsmarts pretty much everyone else:.

But know that I always love reading both of you guys’ recaps, it really helps and I like the different opinion that you have on the show. She must survive D: If not, just a word of warning.