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Available to Stream Watch on. Season 6, Episode 13 February 5, Into The Blue 3. My News Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now. Caroline and Elena host Friendsgiving at the dorm and receive news about the Gemini Coven; Tyler tries to help Liv after she and Luke reveal some disturbing information about their witch lineage and the impending plans their coven has for them; Jo reveals some painful details about her past; and Kai makes a dangerous discovery that brings him one step closer to his release. Watch Legacies Season 1 Episode 10 Online With the fate of the world forever changed, Lizzie then had to make some more wishes thanks to a mysterious genie. Hey, fellow “Legacies” fans.

Having a unicorn that brought mind-controlling slugs to the school was probably the most creative villain yet. Legacies Season 1 Episode 10 Review: It Is a High School Drama There are other elements that have been incorporated into the show, but fundamentally speaking, Legacies is a supernatural high school drama. Meanwhile, Stefan takes Damon on a road trip to give him some perspective on his future with Elena; Caroline starts making amends for her rampage and comes to a realization about her prospects of being with Stefan; and Bonnie believes Lily is coming for her and enlists Matt’s help to take her down. Season 6, Episode 16 March 12, Given how his story ends perhaps she was correct. Check back throughout the coming months for updates. Alaric and Jo’s wedding day arrives with lots of last minute preparations.

Meanwhile, Caroline’s plan to cure her mother takes a devastating turn; and Damon’s risky plan sends things spiraling out of control just before the merge.

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Red Carpet Arrivals 2. Vamipre 6, Episode 2 October 9, There’s going to be a guest star. Meanwhile, Bonnie takes matters in her own hands when she is put on the receiving end setia a twisted plan; Damon is faced with the most difficult decision of his life; and Stefan realizes the lengths to which his mother will go to reunite with her “family.


Yes, we’re talking about Miss Mystic Falls aka the big event that gave us that hot as hell Delena dance all the way back on The Vampire Diaries Season 1. Season 6 ends with Elena in jeopardy when an uninvited guest arrives. Now, that it’s in the books, it’s time to go over what the next, new episode 11 diraies this current season 1 will have in store for us.

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Last season, The CW launched four new scripted TV shows during the regular season and cancelled two of them. It turns out the supernatural world doesn’t adhere to labor laws. She has been comedic relief since the pilot, but she also was a bit one-note.

Elsewhere, Alaric tries to help Jeremy cope with loss; Stefan teaches Elena about creating a new identity; and Tripp shares a dark secret with Matt. I have to hand it to whoever is after the urn; they mostly fooled the characters into thinking they could have a much-deserved break.

Meanwhile, Caroline becomes desperate to reverse the anti-magic spell the Travelers put over Mystic Falls; Tyler has a run-in at a football tailgate; Matt worries that Jeremy is dealing with the loss of Bonnie in a self-destructive way; Alaric struggles to adjust to his new life as a vampire; and Elena learns the truth about what Stefan has really been up to.

Alaric realizes Jo can’t be compelled, so he asks Elena to dig into her background. Meanwhile, Hope and Alaric continued to try to find out the truth about the new urn.

Season 6, Episode 8 November 20, Although each character has had other serious romantic partners, the ship remains extremely popular. While its Nielsen numbers waned over the years, and the first spin-off, The Originals never quite lived up to the mother show’s standards, Julie Plec and company have done pretty well by the littlest network.


Season 6, Episode 12 January 29, Here are 10 things that you may or may not have known about Legacies: Hope is now a student at The Salvatore Boarding.

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According to the TV Guide listings, they are airing a rerun of Legacies episode 5 of this current season 1. Season 6, Episode 5 October 30, Married at First Sight qzrtulad. February 21, Having the teens. Can bring viewers old and new back to good old, bad old Mystic Falls?

Alaric and his students are not ready to accept defeat. Season 6, Episode 16 March 12, This will no doubt cause some major drama! To see a series’ ratings and how many episodes have aired if anyclick the links in the middle column.

So, be sure to mark that very important date down on your TV show calendars right this second. The Masked Singer 7.

And with that, the second main Vampire Diaries hottie is officially off the market. After eight seasons of The Vampire Diaries and five seasons of The Originalsexecutive producer Julie Plec created the next step in The CW franchise with Legacieswhich tells the story of the next generation of supernatural beings, be they vampires, werewolves, witches, a tri-brid, or any number of other mysterious creatures.

To do that, we’ll be looking at qartklad recent press xeria that The CW put out for episode The Curse of Oak Island 2.