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That looks flashy imo. Valvrave the Liberator , or in Japanese called Kakumeiki Valvrave , is a mecha anime series produced by Sunrise , with Kou Matsuo as the director, Katsura Hoshino on the original character designs and Ichiro Okouchi as writer. Every Friday at 3PM! I’m not a big fan or anything, but you’d think she lit a cage of little kittens on fire. Just because she accepted the curse doesn’t mean it was not rape. He will risking himself for protecting them for heaven’s sake and he has many things to worry about. Notify me of new posts via email.

As you’d expect, Haruto leaps into the mecha with the intent on wiping out the enemies attacking his home. I’m just saying that on a long term bases they are self destructing their country. BBCode Modified by bastek66, Jun 13, Again, I was talking about relationship, not independent leader, meaning Shouko can conduct herself without clinging to Haruto;s back. Notify me of new comments via email. As for Haruto and Saki..

It started off as rape and she got scared and accepted it which still means rape. Red-hair sensei is even more useless, and Takumi is busy playing with the Valvrave, completely detach from any management. But Haruto doing nothing? Will you marry me?

Fpisode guess different countries educate their children differently. He will risking himself for protecting them for heaven’s sake and he has many things to worry about. Even after years, a promise is a promise, right? But only a few of them knew Doing whatever he wanted. Let’s do whatever we want! You need to login to do this. I’m sure the doujins will go into greater detail. Sorry but he became a pilot to avenge her first of gorum.


And I thought it wouldn’t get any funnier. Well she is not the only one but it was her idea. At least the nerd knows his stuff. Let’s start with keeping an eye on L-elf for starters.

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Or we are seeing yet another case of changes made that impacted users but not communicated to them? These people are doing amazing things without ever piloting anything before in their lives.

Jun 7, I wonder what the baby will look like. I don’t see anyone else taking responsibility teh their own damn decisions. Indeed, this creature is not human.

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Wonder why Zombie Haruto can’t lower his zipper and had to rip off his pants instead. Haruto can only blame himself for what happens. The only reasons her classmates said she’d be good at it was because she fed them snacks and cheered them on with their clubs.

BBCode Modified by bastek66, Jun 13, Well that was certainly an ending to episode Expecting this to NOT have a huge killcount in last episode is now ridiculous.

That’s why she has nothing to do but “dancing around, wasting stuff and singing jingle bells” like you said. Also only one of the girls is immortal badass space vampire who will live for years. Man, the leaks were true after all. Thats fucking awkward typecasting. Whichever characters don’t become vampire-people would need a proper send-off including possibly L-elf and Shoko.


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Search this thread only Search this forum only Display results as threads. Haruto x Saki is probably cannon now. I can sympathize with Haruto, Saki and L-elf but not Shouko.

I do know they’re both good-hearted kids. I don’t think she took anything seriously or rather never thought of it until Aina died. Last edited by StoicSamuraiMastaJun 15, This site uses cookies.

As you’d expect, Haruto leaps into the mecha with the intent on wiping out the enemies attacking his home. That looks flashy imo. Shouko is cute but it seems she is like a girl who is never wrong or always does the right thing.

Valvrave the Liberator In Light of Episode 10 Discussion – Vampires are About Invasion?

However, when the Dorssians attack, an untimely tragedy causes Haruto to swear revenge Amadeus after revealing to the world what Haruto and the others are by publicly executing Saki: L-elf is awesome, and is really the only reason I am valvrae watching. I bet that must of hurt like hell. Poor Haruto, he just can’t get a vvalvrave. Of course L-Elf would still be in charge of military tactics. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum.

After episode 5 and that jingle bells, i couldn’t like her anymore.