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In fact, he didn’t know about it either. Carefully by GazloverCanada reviews Much to his annoyance, Ritsu gets a splinter. Hurried Accident by BlackSoulStar reviews Kisa is in a rush to see his author, and without thinking he runs onto a busy road where he is hit by a truck, forcefully sent back. But what happens when Ritsu separates from Masamune and gets lost? Not even their bodies. Different plot each chapter.

Love had bound the two together. Crack slice-of-life one-shot written as a gift fic for someone from AO3. R and R please! Mainly about Akihito’s life as a shifter. The Vampire by greypenink reviews One very long shot! Smitten by Otaku Frappe reviews In Japan, when a stray cat bites not only Onodera and Yokozawa but Kisa as well, they’re infected with what’s called the Smitten Epidemic. Fearing that Ayase might hate him, he set him free for a day. What could it be?

Mainly about Akihito’s life as a shifter. Ratings may go up. Miya knows what to do. But there it is, the beautiful golden kitten sleeping on his couch. Runner by Mizuki99 reviews When Akihito gets a call from an old friend, Asami starts to dig. Read to find out more.

They quickly become very good “friends. Fearing that Ayase might hate him, he set him free for a day. Meanwhile, Ritsu is tackled with putting aside his growing affections for convenience store food to babysit his sa Tsukishima’s child Hybrid Child.


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K – English – Romance – Chapters: Hope you all enjoy! Rated M for possible lemons and darker themes. Lemon starting in chapter 4! YAOI, if you don’t like don’t read! Kinrei X Ayame Prince. What happens to Ayase when he wants revenge? Werewolves, vampires, and other supernatural beings Miya’s world became shattered in a very short night that felt like an eternity of anguish.

Silver Diamond – Rated: Something To Tell by misukiya reviews Ayase was so excited to Kanou-san something. Ritsu gets into a coma.

Uragiri Wa Boku No Namae Wo Shitteiru 01 vostfr

Now I’ve written two more chapters, one on request and one to make someone smile. A vigorous lovemaking tale seriously by fionafletcherxxx reviews Misaki and Usagi make love Homework by sourw0lf reviews Resubmitting because it got deleted. What will Kanou be forced to do?

Onodera wants to avoid Takano but how can he goku they’re next door neighbours? How will these two handle eachother’s company and what does fate have instore for these boys! With the leader, who is looking for revenge against Akihito, of the group who took them still on the loose will Akihito ever be the same?


What makes it worse is the fact that Takano is the one taking care of him until he’s completely better. And then all these fluttery feelings emerge.

Akihito’s currently in his heat cycle. Will they get out? Akihito vanished from everyone’s sight on the next day. Black Diamond by One-Sora22 reviews Asami discovers a little plastic piercing through his lover’s skin, right above Akihito’s navel.


Read the first 3 chapters or so of that before you read this. Rated T for sexual stuff.

Will Ritsu give love another try? Second Chance by ChemicallyEnhanced reviews When Ritsu asks the same important question from ten years ago, how will Takano react? T – English – Drama – Chapters: