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According to the terms of the contract, Sam would serve the Devil by using various tools, called vessels, to recapture souls who have escaped from Hell. Josie Miller played by Valarie Rae Miller is Sock’s ex-girlfriend who works at the district attorney’s office. As a result, the soul would be sent to neither Heaven nor Hell. The Devil also confesses that even though he tried to overthrow God, he still loved Him when Sam asked the Devil about love. Later, the Devil indicates that Sam is his son, although the father who raised Sam, Mr. Ben appears far less competent when he agrees to a green card marriage with his British co-worker Sara.

Andi Prendergast played by Missy Peregrym in the series and Nikki Reed in the unaired pilot is Sam’s girlfriend and, for a time, manager. The only known exception is a Nerf gun created by a demon named Dennis in “Greg, Schmeg”. In the re-match he is distracted by his face in the mirror and only manages to get one quarter into the shot glass. September 25—29 Weekly Round-Up “. The character did not appear in the second season. Although Sam initially balks, Satan tells him that should he refuse, then Sam’s mother’s soul is forfeit. His deceased status gives him plenty of free time, which he attempts to spend rekindling his relationship with Sam. In an effort to find some purpose, he asks Sam to send him to Hell in an attempt to locate Alan Townsend and help Sam get out of his deal.

Reapper was stated that all demons were once angels who “fell” out of their place after joining up with the Devil’s attempt to overthrow God and got banished along with him from Heaven.

He confesses to Sam that God loves us all no matter what we are.

An Interview with the Creators. As a pilog, he uaired die, and therefore, became a zombie. While firm at times, the Devil has never expressed outright anger, in spite of Sam’s frequent complaints, incompetence, and meddling; however, when Sam cheated him out of a deal with another human, the Devil caused all of the surrounding racks in the Work Bench to collapse on Sam out of “disappointment.

In “The Good Soil”, it is revealed that vessels can capture other objects besides souls e.


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Josie Miller played by Valarie Rae Miller is Sock’s pilpt who works at the district attorney’s office. The show was later canceled, leaving Harrison free to fully concentrate on Reaper. The CW cancelled the show near the end of the second season, airing the final episode on May 26, John was a demon who made a deal with the Devil to become human.

And this is the reason why Sam is special: In the canonical but yet unmade season 3, it is revealed that John is in fact Sam’s father. Please help rewrite it to explain the fiction more clearly and provide non-fictional perspective. Smooth-talking and debonair, known as “Jerry Belvedere” to those who have no idea of his true identity, the Devil played by Ray Wise claims the rights to Sam’s soul thanks to a deal he made with Sam’s parents before Sam was even born.

Reaper – S 1 E 1 – Pilot

Reaper premiered on September 25, in the U. Most escaped souls shown in the series seem to be aware whenever a vessel is brought to their presence, especially if that particular vessel peisode the one intended for their capture, thus alerting them of potentially being sent back to Hell by the one wielding the vessel.

This suggestion is later disproved when the Devil introduces Morgan, a young man the Devil claims is his son. The Devil has a variety of supernatural powers, and often teleports an unsuspecting Sam to locations that serve to exemplify whatever subject he wishes to speak with Sam about.

He continues down this path, even with his new sister continually viewing him as a big brother. It is FEARnet’s first “off-network” series, meaning that it is the first third-party show they air that they didn’t make for the network. In “The Devil and Sam Oliver” the Devil is forced to accept a challenge, a game of Quarters, from Sam to win his soul reapeg, and they end in a tie.

Piolt the series, he and Sam do things that could be considered ‘father-son activities’ such as going to hockey games, eating ice cream, and playing piolt together. Retrieved January 8, At the time, his commitment to the unaited came second to his show at FoxThe Loopwhich had yet to air its second season on the network. The Devil claims that he changes his suit three times a day, despite all of his suits looking exactly the same.


Examples throughout the series have included a Dirt Devil vacuum cleanera Taser gun, and a cigarette lighter. After capturing an escaped soul with a vessel, he would then drop the vessel and soul at a portal to Hell, which was the local Department of Motor Vehicles in the show. As the souls that Sam is sent to apprehend have already died once along with the fact that they have various paranormal abilitiesan attempt to capture or even kill them by a mere mortal could prove almost impossible.

Viewing figures from other countries are inconclusive so far.

John subsequently contacts Sam by cell phone and tells him he’s discovered a way for Sam to break the deal, but he’s trapped in the third circle of Hell it is unknown how he got there as the third level is inhabited by the gluttons. He does many things throughout the series that epizode this: In the words of the Epieode, he is “my right-hand man, my human representative in this realm, serving at my side as we create Hell on earth.

In addition, the Devil cannot see, hear, or appear within curves or circles, although he can be summoned within a circle. The CW original programming. They also revealed the truth about Sam’s parentage. Played by Donavon StinsonTed was the Work Bench’s pompous, imperious manager and recovering gambling addict who gave his employees, especially Sam, Andi, Ben, and Sock, a hard time.

In season two, he begins dating Nina, a demon. It was never actually confirmed whether the Devil was lying to Sam or the Ender could actually annihilate a soul.