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Seltzer, Katherine Elizabeth Only the aperture. Gonzalez Navarro, Paulina Elena New organosilicon chemistry. Sinnett, Christopher Tiger shell. Carzoli, Andrea Betina Utilizing historical mosquito surveillance data to investigate the efficacy of municipal fogging in controlling mosquito population density. Kim, Jae Eun Effects of obesity on slip-related falls among young adults during gait. Weller, Jalaine Nicole Slavocracy’s collective Atlantic: Alikaj, Oliana Albanian-English bilinguals’ learning contexts and emotions: Suro Maldonado, Beatriz The efficacy of brief individual and group interventions among light and intermittent smokers.

Rios Ibanez, Ana Cecilia Microstructural characterization of high velocity oxy fuel coatings of Inconel and iron aluminides. Ramirez, Adelmar Alvin Punto ciego. Guzman, David G Touch and step potential analysis at Neupane, Arjun Sharma Crustal structure beneath the eastern Nepal Himalayas and southern Tibet from receiver function analysis. Nehls, Jonathan S Dust: The incursion of technology in the United States – Mexico remittance corridor.

Molina, Belinda Delilah Alkali promoted molybdenum IV sulfide based catalysts, development and characterization for alcohol synthesis from carbon monoxide and hydrogen.

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Hughes, Allyson Sue Sociocultural influences on perceived risk in Latinos at pata of developing type 2 diabetes. Scott, Joanna Marie The effects of baby sign on child development.

Lara Saenz, Gustavo Alberto Synthesis, device fabrication and characterization of two-dimensional molybdenum disulfide. Hernandez, Amir Gerardo Gender differences in initiation into methamphetamine use in a Mexico-U.


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Rodriguez Melo, Gerardo Carbon based nano-composite materials for energy storage applications. A comparison between EU and U. An example from the Panamint Mountains, California.

Nayyar, Saurabh Rakesh Enhancing onlkne finish of fused deposition modeling parts through targeted chemicals and design of experiments. Phrynobatrachidae in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Reyna Soriano, Daniel Inkjet bioprinting of solid peroxides for constructing oxygen generating scaffolds psra improve cells viability and growth under hypoxic environment. A school principal in transition. Our valuation model utilizes over 20 fieldlevel and macroeconomic variables to estimate the price of an individual plot of land.

Bujanda, Arturo Impacts of transportation infrastructure proximity and accessibility on real property values. Bonilla Yanez, Mar Alejandra The effect of a fluent signing narrator on quality of maternal behavior during E-Book shared reading interactions with their children with hearing loss.

Gonzalez, Patricia Isabela Identification of Leishmania spp.

Nehls, Jonathan S Dust: Carl, Abigail R Pressing seams. Cafeteria roenbergensis oline CroV. Fitzsimons, Francine Of Mist and Memory. The effects of collective angst and identity on group activism during the national immigration debate. Ramos, Corin Si se puede: Rios, Evelyn Recovery of nutrient nitrogen from municipal wastewater residuals by gas membrane separation.

How the right in Texas interpreted the Cold War, Rondeau, Nancy Ulloa Identification of stroke risk factors in the adult population in the Texas and New Mexico border region: Loya Garnica, Victor Manuel A cell formation algorithm for sequential processes with alternative machine selection in the automotive lighting industry.


Henderson, Joel Multi-expert multi-criteria decision making. Gomez, Maria Alicia Animals. Hypothesis for blind image deconvolution.

Guzman, David G Touch and step potential analysis at Camacho, Ileana Delgado Minimizing environmental impacts for hub and spoke distribution network problems through the use of multiobjective evolutionary algorithms. Developing phosphate glass for use in biodegradable composites. Luu, Quang Huynh Synthesis of benzofused-P-indolequinones from 1,4-naphthoquinone and selective N-debenzylation by Dess-Martin dorina.

Alaniz-Bouqayes, Nora Mapping decisions of reporting asset misappropriation within an accounting department using behavioral, cognitive, and cultural traits.

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