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I’ve seen the episode some four or five times over my life, and I’m still trying to work it out. Virginia Lake Grant Taylor UFO wasn’t a series populated by the most accomplished of actors, though they’re by no means, in the main, awful. But seconds later, he is suddenly standing right next to the driver’s seat again where he is quickly able to grab up his rifle. An ambitious scheme on all fronts! Meanwhile, Turner is able to play with time in ways a Gallifreyan would envy, projecting himself backwards or forwards, pulling Straker out of incidents to witness them again.

Search for ” Timelash ” on Amazon. And Wanda Ventham looks absolutely gorgeous, which is the icing on the cake! It’s possible to feel sympathy for Straker, given that his son only had an accident due to both his ex-wife Mary’s insistence that he should leave without saying goodbye to him, and her failure to stop their son running out into the middle of a road. Those expecting some amazing get out clearly aren’t aware of what kind of series UFO really is. I’m also not clear how Straker and Lake made it into the affected field and whether they were meant to. Views Read Edit View history.

Use the HTML below. Terence Feely Timelasb by: But away from such trivia, it’s a fine example of a relatively mundane episode being lifted into something far greater by a classic ending.

It’s possible to feel sympathy for Straker, given uco his son only had an accident due to both his ex-wife Mary’s insistence that he should leave without saying goodbye to him, and her failure to stop their son running out into the middle of a road. Might be episose rough job of it, from his ravings. You omitted to mention the lovely Wanda Ventham!


The final episode to be produced, The Long Sleep acts as a perfect end to the series as a whole, with Commander Straker mentally broken and defeated by the choices he has to make. An ambitious scheme on all fronts!

The music is syruppy, but everything else is just right, from the foreshadowing of future events, down to amusing dramatic ironies like Straker and Henderson once being great friends. Turner is one of those with a hate-on for humanity and how he’s been treated, and sells us out with the promise of a chance to whip out his psyche and wave it at Straker. The plot, which involves the freezing of time for everyone except Straker, Col.

There is the hint of an attraction between Virginia Lake and Ed Straker in this episode, but it’s never followed up on though the attraction seems present again in “The Man Who Came Back”. He’s best known for killing zombies, but Norman Reedus is more into sketch comedy than action when he’s off-set. This episode was especially ridiculous for the taunting “Big man!!

It’s a downbeat story where two young lovers try LSD, only for one to die and be dragged away for alien experimentation while the other is almost raped. Email required Address never made public. While there are better episodes of UFO, this is what it specialised in more than the camp and the toy models Jackson to administer a drug that might kill Straker instead of e;isode his recovery.

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SHADO is shielded by heavy lead within its walls, so another field generator has been placed inside HQ, thus necessitating a traitor to plant the device. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Turner Patrick Allen is a traitor who has sold out to the aliens. There are plenty of musical jazz freakout moments to detract from the downbeat tone of this one, but epiwode dark side of the story manages to keep breaking through.


You are commenting using your WordPress. Miss Ealand Ron Pember Somehow, the aliens have managed to time freeze the whole area. The series was brought up by regional networks in the UK and shown in different orders throughout, meaning a clear episode timelsh is difficult for anyone to fully agree on. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Studio Guard John J. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Col Foster and co.

UFO # 24 – Timelash

Timelash sees an alien craft slow down time so that SHADO finds itself existing inside a millionth of a second. Posted by Jeff Larsen at 4: However, Turner ambushes the pair, knocking Lake unconscious and stealing a key required to operate the missile. Timelqsh enjoyed those as well, but this is easily the better piece aided by terrific direction and fx work.

Goofs It is not totally clear if time stands still or everything physical is frozen in space. The answers will have to come from Straker, who also inhabits a recovery bed. James Henderson Vladek Sheybal Again, I’m too slow to follow what does what here.