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Fixed a bug with non-UTF8 locales. The File info box contains all the information about the selected file: This website uses marketing and tracking technologies. Allows to maintain the temporary files instead of deleting them. Now asks before canceling a job. The disc works, the menu looked weird, but then I made the DVD for aspect ratio 4: Click on Add to select the desired media files.

They’re available, but not enabled by default because the software in them is not necessarily free, is protected by different licenses, or isn’t approved into the main repositories yet. Opt Out of Cookies. Under Action , you can choose between creating the files in a compliant format or packaging them in a burn-ready. Have in mind that the DVD standard only allows to create a You can choose if you want to split each file in several chapters and its lenght too. The anime episodes are in. DeVeDe is a simply friendly utility.

Ensures that the progress bar while converting a file is refreshed at least each two senconds. I usually turn this off by choosing a colour that is completely transparent. Allows to pass custom commands to Mencoder, allowing to render subtitles, cut the file in chunks, select an audio stream when the file has two or sybtitles Allows to change the order of the files and titles. Since it will be bigger than the original, it’s going to look poor.

To do so, just copy uuntu files: A bigger resolution will give you sharper pictures, but will need more bitrate to avoid the horrible MPEG artifacs. You can then choose the format PAL or NTSC and, if the movie has more than one audio track like several languagesyou can choose which one you want to use. Each parameter is prepended with a dash, and uses blank space as separator.


Your player will merge all in a single film. But if you put the subtitles in the same directory than your DIVX file, usually the player should show them. Now is shown translated. Think of it like folders and files: Fixed a litle bug when a video header tells that it has an aspect ratio of 0 or 1.

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Biblioclasta biblioclasta wrote on It might say “blah GB of free space” smaller than the image — that’s ok, because it’s telling you how much free ddvede there will be AFTER you burn the image. You can set positive or negative values. Before creating a new disc it erases the files with conflicting names in the destination directory.

Fixed a some bugs devvede poland translation. You may choose to select any of these and further customize them to suit your specific need.

You need Python 2.

How My Mom Can Make DVDs

Subhitles is done through GUI, using mouse clicks only, no special knowledge or configurations needed. You can change the font used for the text the size counts as part of the fontand what colour it will be, and if you wanted a shadow behind the letters.


It works on bit and bit Mac OS. After adding all the files you want and clicking in the Forward button, you will be prompted for a directory where DeVeDe will create all the files, and a generic name for them.

First we make an image file to burn to disc or multiple discs Menu creation is simple and the menus look great. Post as a guest Name. Next is the font for the menu items, and what colours you’ll use. Over here, you may also adjust the font size of your subtitles and choose the video format and further fine-tune your videos.

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For the same reason, if you choose a different width, the Email me about changes to this bug report. Check out my masterpiece below:. I advise that you burn the.

The time now is The suffix NG is because it is a rewrite from scratch of the old Devede, to work with Python3 and Gtk3, and with a new internal architecture that allows to expand it and easily devedr new features.