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John, 19, was not pres- ent when the photo was made. Late Tl uia rb.. Hijarf la tIbW, andiiariw. Lacy 7- Alt: Il, rpiapai’EaE’k P rml.. Tba coTuyfliEi’rb ib lha italtMn iiliania waa mB? This one program alone fea- tures a multitude of things that need to be done.

LaFountain was conscious through the entire tragic event. We thank God this Thanksgiving that there have been in the past and that there are those now willing to risk all that they hold dear that it might remain so. Your outstanding loyalty and devotion to your country and to your duty has earned the admiration of all in the Naval Service. I El “1,1 i. He always had a warm, cheerful word for everyone. Naval Hospital, during informal ceremonies. It was just one of those things. Nina thoaaand Loodon ooal baoiiji have atrui;k.

During the Korean War she served aboard a troop ship that carried refugees as well as troops in and out of combat zones. First it means that the person has attained specific stature in his professional field to warrant recognition; and sec- ond, that by actively participa- ting in the program of the Col- lege, a member has contributed to the advancement of hos- pital administration in general.

Licensed practical nurses throughout this nation are an in- tegral tardy of the nursing ser- vice offered to the people of this country who need medical help. Although they expect a large turn-out for this program, au- thorities are confident that waiting time will be short. Tbta ma ib adjooraid public n.

HaBiT Dam, aitlag Bag! However, only further testing, particularly in infants, will demonstrate its effectiveness in preventing infections under ordinary conditions. All of the work done by the Red Cross Is of vital impor- tance and now. Nationally, about children die of accidental poisoning yearly. Until Itlbitfbbink AwdM’ id. Wrtcki-fijcir, irt ift-rLfj IwiiTp linr. Naval Hospital, Yokosuka, Japan.


Tootay Huway Taray

He hopes to get a waiver that will enable him to stay in the Corps in some capacity. At the time Garris was platoon commander. Ubnnit ; bat Ita pi ipil W. Insurance covers only a part of the damage. The check will be used to purchase recreational craft supplies.

LeMay returned and signed the register. Loretta lowther gives PFC Anniversary cake.

It was an exercise of some sort Naval Hospital here for minor surgery, he awoke to find his son Bill, 16, had moved into the bed next to him. Slemmons is chief of the Naval Hospital’s orthopedics department while Cmdr. One of the reas for being so spirited. I could lose my life on the road, just as easy. Ora- vits, who worked his way up from the ranks, has been in the Photo by Base Photo Lab: IdidtrdI, kliUa, ud Co.

A house Is destroyed by fire. Progressing from a fleet of merchant ships to the mighty fleets of fighters, submarines and carriers, navymen are af- forded training and equipment to meet the needs of modern warfare.

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When we did hit, I remember feeling the initial impact During World War II Cash and carry, finished laundry, dying of cur- tains and draperies are just a few. The audience included bed pa- tients, those on crutches and in wheelchairs, and some who had been there for quite a while, Patients biding their time until they would be released.


This is true be- cause lye is kept on hand to cope with poor plumbing in old housing used by the servicemen and because servicemen and their dependents have ready ac- cessibility to medicines. But as Garris was being placed in the copter, a rifle slug hit him in the hip.

Rep- resenting Camp Le- jeune in the audience tadey Maj. Sarah navis Acknowledgement Sis. Continued from page 1 the door for secondary infec- tion, such as encephalitis and fejgeujnonia.


He always had a warm, cheerful word for everyone. Unable to speak German, she made her way successfully by button-holing natives, pointing to Kiel on the map, and asking with appropriate sign language which train to take.

Butcher who is a member of both the National and local USO.

The Navy Nurses Corps, epsiode began with 20 women inreached its peak in with some 11, Communications broke down on her return trip, however, and she found herself in East Ger- many.