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Rohan tries to make Paakhi realise that Anshuman had intended to foil their performance in the final round of the contest. Rohan decides to hide the truth about Anshuman from Paakhi. Persaingan sengit akan terjadi, di mana dua kontestan dalam satu team harus diversus dalam satu lagu. Logistics to be the backbone of economic activity of India: Ayaan executes his plan of convincing Paakhi to get remarried. Will Anshuman fulfill Paakhi’s wish? By JSuper kaur views.

She decides to find out about the same. If you are someone who can’t go to the gym, or doesn’t have time in their busy schedule to go to the gym, or don’t have a car, or the gym is too far, this series is definitely for you. Anshuman surprises Paakhi by agreeing to celebrate Gangaur with her. Technews in telugu oneplus 5g phone telugutechtuts App LInk: Remember if you want to lose fat, follow the day series: By Tez News views. By Cocktails India views.

Will Paakhi be able to prove Tanya’s misdeeds? Paakhi becomes worried about a board meeting as tumhqri falls on Ayaan’s birthday. Blue Heaven has launched their Brown eyebrow pencil. Lavanya and Girish have an argument with each other. By Sudarshan News views. He urges Paakhi to stay with him for Ayaan’s sake.

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Tere Ishq Mein Solo Singer: Tanya pretends to have sprained her ankle. He urges Paakhi to stay with him for Ayaan’s sake. Ayaan wants Tanya to stay with him. Tumhari Paakhi – 8th April Technews in telugu oneplus 5g phone telugutechtuts App LInk: Lavanya becomes furious at Anshuman for meeting Tanya.


Tumhari Paakhi – 9th April – Ep In episode of Tumhari Paakhi, aired on 9th AprilPaakhi learns that Ayaan is disturbed about something Paakhi becomes shocked after Ayaan discards her, and shows his affection for Tanya. Ayaan plays a trick on Tanya.

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By Dharmendra Pradhan views. She decides to inform Girish about the same. Anshuman becomes upset when Paakhi speaks about his mother. Anshuman becomes furious at Ayaan for his decision. In episode of Tumhari Paakhi, aired on 10th AprilPaakhi decides to reveal the truth about Tanya to Anshuman Anshuman becomes worried about Ayaan.

Ayaan informs the truth about Tanya to Anshuman. GTV sebagai pemegang eksklusif lisensi The Voice Indonesia siap mewujudkan mimpi talenta berbakat untuk menjadi penyanyi berkualitas dengan kemampuan vokal terbaik. The duplicate keys cost Paakhi ten thousand rupees. By Pragya TV views.

By The Synergies views. Paakhi decides to spend less money. Lavanya pretends to be pregnant, and receives the contract from Vikram’s company. Anshuman wishes to spend more time with Paakhi. Anshuman assumes that Ayaan must have eaten mushroom in school. Will Anshuman profess his tujhari to Paakhi?

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Later, Paakhi and Anshuman share their feelings with each other. Sanjay Dhupa Mishra Music: She records the conversation between Ayaan and Tanya. Will Anshuman believe Paakhi? He was, is and will always be in my heart to heal it whenever it gets hurt. Lavanya agrees to undergo a surgery in order to avoid complications in her pregnancy. She becomes shocked on learning about the previous expenses. He suspects that Anshuman is planning against Paakhi.


Tanya tells Anshuman to send Paakhi away. Paakhi orders Veer to get out of the house. Thank you for your love and support!!

Thank you all for participating in the giveaway. Tanya persuades Anshuman to lend her money, but he hesitates.

In episode of Tumhari Paakhi, aired on 27th JunePaakhi learns that Anshuman is innocent Anshuman wishes Paakhi for the competition.

Ayaan tries to play a trick on Tanya, but Paakhi interferes.

By Tez News views. Anuja learns about the same. By The Synergies views.

Ayaan plays a trick on Tanya. He’s living this life through me. He misunderstands Paakhi, and becomes furious.

Will Paakhi be able to help Lavanya?