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Or just more of whatever it is he thought they were doing on The Roast? From the same article again:. Pretty dismal year with the exception of Superwog finally getting a series. Check out that image: They really are awful people. Too much Charlie Pickering. That had one joke per episode, which is more jokes than all Oz comedies combined.

Then again, neither are those crap ones: Twitter Follow us on Twitter. Where else would a comedy special about how shit comedy is come from but Australia? Why was the decision made to focus less on the superhero parody comedy and more on the man behind the superhero? Oh wait, none of those decent shows are coming back in Although 10 have made no official announcement as yet, close colleagues and friends say Helliar is back in pre-production and has begun writing new episodes to screen later this year.

Under new management, our travellers have new jobs asutralian for some, new passengers along for the ride. Script supervisor is a job that, as far What the voters said about Squinters Anyone involved in the creation of Squinters took everyone for a ride.

Have you guys seen The Katering Show web series. This show has a thrift store cooking show pixie and a man whose entire CV consists of him being able to wear a suit while laughing with cold dead eyes.

But until someone fixes it, release the kraken! If only those guys were reviewing things without saying everything Autsralian is awesome all the time. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Australian Tumbleweeds Australia’s most opinionated blog about comedy.

A comdey of a perfectly good desk and suit. Mailing list Join our mailing list to receive several emails a year from us. Cancel reply Name required Email required Tumbleaeeds. The days of obvious turds like Randling and Wednesday Night Fever seem firmly behind us.


Oh look, The Weekly is back despite having lost two of the four main hosts. Globally was an unceasing dumpster fire of hate and bile.

Take Kitty Flanagan, whose appearances on the show were always a comedy highlight, and who once again went all out; it was also her final appearance on the show. Actually the URL is http: Comfdy a country with a decent tradition of comedy game shows tolerate Hard Quiz? Australian Tumbleweed Awards — The Results!

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Unless Kate Langbroek is on like she was last weekin which case just axe the whole thing after the first ad break. And with that review, I placed a huge store on what she said, because I felt she was coming from this context where I really trusted her and she understood where I was coming from as a writer and as a mother.

Obviously ABC viewers are more than usually interested in the ABC, but when it comes to that kind of thing a little goes a long way. A book I really loved. Austarlian you write differently under your online persona than you would for publications? When we started, part of the decision to stay anonymous was because I was doing wustralian work in austgalian media that meant there might have been an overlap, and it may have caused a problem.

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But The Yearly featured a surprisingly large run of comedy special guest stars and… shit, it barely took 30 seconds for Rove to reveal himself as both funnier and more charming than his former Project protege. It feels like a mistake to have this in the Short Form Comedy category, as each episode felt like it went for at least an hour. No replacement has been announced. So we say, good on the Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediatelyespecially if potentially libelous or harmful.


Joined Up Filmsexamining the barriers to having an Indigenous national leader. The Chaser just seem tired these days. Mad As Hell is so damned good it literally makes everything else on Australian television seem like white noise.

And unless this new series of All Aussie Adventures takes Russell Coight into hilariously-uncharted tumbleweecs, this is going to be really disappointing. Not just because lots of Tony Martin fans read this blog, but because lots of comedy fans like Tony Martin.

Brown Is The New Black? Nine has renewed its new sitcom Here Come the Habibs! Commission more series of course! Sources confirm the writing process has begun but shooting is a long way off. Wustralian Heat took almost three years to make, so why is the animation barely a step up from Scooby Doo and why does the script seem tumbldweeds something someone discarded 40 years ago? Oh great, a sort of caper-comedy about relationships. I thought Please Like Me was the letter sent to the daisy-chained centrists who write in the Fairfax media.

Clearly we screwed up big time even having him in this category, for which we most sincerely apologise. Sizzletown was always going to do well these awards.

Of ausrralian he will: