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By Kenyan Bachelor on God has given me a tough skin. Reaching you is the biggest trouble i got. Do you hate me? Hangs out a lot with friends more than wife. Kenyan Bachelor Blog on the Move. So divide the time and attention. What Tujuane will never do, as is being alleged, is then tell individuals how to present themselves and how to behave.

Kenya Husbands Need Attention! Alice Ngwaci WAH this women try so hard Likes giving money to girlfriends and have more female friends. And Wendy needs to take it waaaay down Isaac was a cool guy despite the fact that he needs to be cultured a bit on social etiquette. Never over do things. I know Jose as a social, interactive, talkative, confident dude who easily mingles with strangers and friends alike.

Thanks to the one-third-gender rule, women have increasingly become empowered, be it financially or socially. Emmy Kosgei Wedding All Pictures.

Tujuane Episode 19 Part 2 |

Cynthia Nyamai Marriage and Divorce: These are players to the Nth level. Likes wife to perform old tradition respect and hates being called by their first name.

What is your opinion on the topic? Lately my Facebook inbox is swarmed with dating questions that I never hujuane would ever come up the time I started writing this blog. Someone plis say CUT Articles on this Page showing articles 81 to of Tujuane Eda Otieno is on the troll this week in Kenya social media for silly things she said during the date on Tujuane TV dating show.


When we came up with this concept, the first of its kind in Kenya, it was to bring tujuaje who want to meet other singles for prospective friendships and love, and we will never tell you how to do that. He organised a big show for the Kenyan in Lagos and she was pleasantly surprised to find her billboards in key locations in the city.

Share with Your Friends on Facebook. Its been a year since I launched this blog but every good thing has an end.

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Is clever and knows wife’s weaknesses and capitalize on that get relief from wife. I personally have episide with a number of people including close friends, wife, and some colleagues of Kachwanya.

This story of Emmy Kosgei getting married to a Nigerian pastor simply won’t be wished away. The sessions here are so disappointing, im ashamed we have such dumb guys and the high ego-ed ladies.

If you have brains, throw the baby out of the matrimonial bed after a while. Denis Gichuhi That Wendy hen is breaking all the barriers of unattractiveness!

;art later organised a concert for her in London, where he owns property. We must reject bullying. Tujuane has got the attention of many young Kenyans and this has witnessed Tujuane trend on Twitter every time the show airs.


Want tujuuane be treated like Kings and treat Wife like a Slave. Pauline Githinji 20 years?


Irresponsible and childish and can’t make decisions on his own without asking his Mother or relatives; compares Wife to relatives and runs to them always if something goes wrong. I did not watch the episode when it aired but for the purposes of this article I remembered about it and called Jose. Never eplsode do things. Anne Nyambura the dark girl is stupid!!!


Husband for every woman. Simon njoroge Cute Monster Shocking Relationship between Sex, Alcohol and Consequences. How do you even ask a guy such a question??? The soaring number of female CEOs, an influx of pink Vitzes on the roads, and female political leaders say it all. This is trend has pop Thank you for time and see you on the other side.