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The buzzing hint that the Illuminati may have originally be founded during the 3rd Age [3]. Walk through the energy field. Last edited by No Mither ; Oct 3, 7: Navigation menu Personal tools English Create account Log in. Approach her to trigger a cutscene. After completing the quiz, players were offered the option to view descriptions for each of the factions. Equip your new set of gear from your inventory.

Leave the test chamber and head up the ramp on the far end of the complex. Cross the tracks alone. Head down into it,. Simply walk to the exit while noting the fact that the secretary is still sitting at the reception desk like nothing is happening. You will automatically equip the Orochi uniform. In every growing empire they have played for it all. Secret World Legends Store Page.

New York This page is outdated.

Select option 3 and then option 1 which will set off alarms. Power is our currency. You do not, however, receive any additional AP or SP for doing this. After the cutscene you will be given your Agartha Conduit which will allow you to instantly return to Agartha from anywhere in the world once per hour. So depending on where you are in the game, your faction might have all the answers, or it might be left entirely illumlnati, or they just might not have an interest in what you did.

We’re the people in grainy photos on grassy knolls. Cross the tracks alone. The occult has to be quantified and contained, researched and refined, and synthesized if possible.


Click on the play button to watch the video guide for that particular Story Mission. And some of illuminqti Lore there is way harder to access than London and NY. Using the computer will trip the alarm and the building will go into lockdown mode. Move on through the gate.

I also think they have the coolest looking healer and dps pvp outfits and I’m not even a fan illuminxti the color green. tsww

Once you get there you will notice that the turrets have taken out all of the drones for you. They believe in pulling strings, in bribing and blackmailing the people behind the people in charge. Hopefully you kept your headlamp from the Into Darkness mission. If the drone is moving away from you then you can follow behind it. It will be empowering and ruthless. Blackmail, treason, deceit, these are our stock and trade. Yeah, but you only really spend like 15 minutes at a time max at your faction city, if that, and you only really have to go there like four or five times in the game.

Approach him to trigger a cutscene and advance the mission.

Illuminati Missions

Head down into it. Approach her to trigger a cutscene.

I really like the concept of Chaos Theory and there’s a lot of mystery about the Dragon that even it’s members don’t know. Inside the sewers you constantly come across a hand symbol painted on the walls.

On the second floor you need to go back to the server room on the north wall. They’re ipluminati, subtle, but at the same time they really know how to use their power and to enjoy their wealth.


And then in the third region it looks like they just kind of ran out of steam and slapped some stuff together. Templar want to destroy the unholy and maybe save the people, if there’s time and doesn’t distract you too much. Again, there is a single drone patrolling this floor. The Illuminati may have ancient roots, but they storylinee forever young and hungry.

Is the Dragon faction interesting or not? :: Secret World Legends General Discussion

We’re the Illuminati, and we’re not done. You will automatically equip the Orochi uniform. Fight your way through the gate. Once you complete this tier of the mission you can exit and then reenter the Test Chamber and pick up any or all of the remaining weapons. Target one of the holograms and use your builder ability it will be in shoryline 1 by default on it.

In this respect, I illuminatti the Templar is the best written faction.