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While stories about Dick Van Dyke s starring role in it are coming from Hollywood, here in New York the contraptions Roland Emmett built for the film have been on show at Macy’s, “See his amusing sweets machine, TV set, carpet- sweeper, music-box;, and rocking-chair in action,” said Mary’s ad. Using cc2, 1 ch. Everybody ihould have an Uncle Ted. Halle was in the midst of making furniture for her new flat in New York when she was invited to Australia. It’s true, just ash your hairdresser. But the purpose of punishment should be rehabilitation not vengeance,” Why are there often such discrepancies between one judge’s seoteoec and another’s, for the same crime? Way back in , when the first edition of bis “Baby and Child Care” appeared, the scene wai ict for the Spock baby to replace the Clock baby. Judges will choose winning pic- tures on personality, not pedigree.

Can they still identify themselves, literally and metaphorically, with bread-and-butter issues? That’s why we just give one mark out oMOO. Rib 33 35 , cast off 27 29 sts. The rest of the story is unmiti- gated tragedy. Honey supervised all meals and heramc a rra! We want to make II dear that we have no axe to grind with Ocean. Rib to last 28 32 T 36 sis-, leave these 28 32, 36 sts.

At night, however, the land came alive. Bring springtime freshness into your home with the exciting new Wstlpamur Colour Guide, It’s free and makes colour scheming a pleasure. Details of prizewinners on pages 88, 89 f and Sul hero you’re more likely rer tote consciousness throujh boredom dun G-forccs.

SEAN having watched a bn of the actual video: The caption- writing group offers you wide scope, if you wish, torne suit the word to the action.

The thread simply grooved her flesh; the ring stuck fast. Miss Klein wort of the Pop Art — the latter, indeed, almost a caricature of a spin- ster, with her rimless glasses and corrugated hairdo. Uric 9 in all iti jlory. Tension in what Ini need to succeed.

Hello, glamor and good taste! After a while, an old lady, smelling very much of her collection, emerged from the back. In he circumstances it was the simplest thing 10 do. Welch out for thoic ilrwje grey constructions at the tide of the road there. Tronr problems with the.


His engagement, Olivia’s birthday, and his anniver- sary of ten years in Jihow business. WfiJte goes everywhere anytime. Scotch tape gave no more trouble than string, stiff brown paper no more than tissue; only a nailed-down wooden boa defeated her — and Mrs. The very duration of her vacation, mnreover, was as much at her choice as its timing; working as she did ai home which also promoted loneliness there was no office roster to consider; but because to take a break in Augusi was the proper thing Miss Maynard always arbitrarily gave herself the first to the fourteenth off.

Parents must set an example, nut ordy in what they say but what they do. Primus Autobecher Edelstahl, Schwarz, 0. Wedermann Tischgrill Grill schwarz, silicone.

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The rest of the story is unmiti- gated tragedy. Now go out into the highways and tagtelw, and catch the first man I see and make him do his good deed for the day. Can they retain the common touch, after years of defer- ence and remoteness and sir- ring in judgment on othrr human beings?

Your grocer or department store will recommend an Indian blend, or one of these pure India Teas to suit your personal taste. Not having much fuck Bribe him.

There’s little chance this will take up any less space. Duster reached a basic playable form but hasn’t go! To Shape Neck — 1st Row: Have a knowledge of things Chinese.

This is how it works. Can anyone give just One instance of a thoroughly unsuit- able name having been replaced by a suitable one? I Phew 1 That jusl about wraps it up Ol course, remember that some games may well slip into the new year, and other products may creep up on us withoul warning Dde, it’s going to be a busy few months. On her common round, it wasn’t exactly that store- keepers treated her with greater respect storekeepers rarely noticing whether one wore a wedding ring or notas that fellow shoppers wear’ ing wedding rings offered a new camaraderie.


Civilization was too harsh. You’ll thank us or it in the end K 17, cast off 26 28 sts M k to end. Queenslasri-Nofthean Territory trne Guinea: Fncky and taey FftPG only parbaty redeemed by the roc! Some things stay the same? Strangeways’ second doozy was 44 ‘high ociane arcade adventure scroiiabout with innovative display technology”.

We don’t understand letters like this, we realty don I. Superficially Cytron appears to be related to Andrew Braybrook s classic Paradrotd Pea-Beu quickly clears the room of all flies and will not contaminate rood as it is guaranteed not to contain any of the poisonous chlorinated hy- drocarbons whir h require the greatest feg in hand- ling.

By then it is past its prime.

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But the purpose of punishment should be rehabilitation not vengeance,” Why are there often such discrepancies between one judge’s seoteoec and another’s, for the same crime? There were four of these top officials, eflrh responsible only to he Inca.

Mott ot the space it wasted with icons aad the iihe. Be warned, though the door leads to about eleven Margoytes. Judging from whal’s been done so tar there’s every chance rt could turn out to be lean, stale, ha’I-baked and lacking in sauce.

The Southdown – cross bmb is gaming popularity among fat-Iamb breeders everywhere — it’s small, ten- der, and not too fatty. At least the instructions are a laugh. A conversion of a polygon-based helicopier flight ‘n’ fight simulation which was a bg hit with saidon of IBM PCs and companbles.