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Newer Post Older Post Home. Very lovable short film hero dialogue delivering is very nice.. And all this property adds to your beauty and his love for youSo better, love someone and then marry! Official Short Film Trailer. As it seems that in a few places the dialogue while shooting and while post production were different or no proper lip-syncing. I am asking you to stop joking on yourself. But this movie is well directed and scripted.

What did you study? I feel he is a good fellow. Rondla Rupa Reddy 6 meses. I think Sriram is destined for me. But I can love you. In just 2 weeks you started liking Sriram So much!! Anyways, my dad knows whats good for me. The lead heroine had acted really well but in her entry for sometime it was really clear that she was feeling the shyness of the presence of camera.

Should those credits also go to your parents? This is a story about a mobile thief Ganga Angani 4 meses. He has a settled life, posh house, he has a cook and a pet dog. I loved Prakash soo much. And all this property adds to your ehroine and his love for youSo better, love someone and then marry! This fellow is not like prakash. What are you thinking?


VADADEBBA – A Telugu Short Film by Sai Vardhan ~ iMovie Junction

Why is round pizza put is a square box? If you want an ice-cream why dont u buy it yourself. Hey, we have been friends since childhood. Mostrar controles del Reproductor.

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A telugu comedy short film with a blend of few comical characters, jokes, background music with expressions. Overall not a short film that you might feel bad to miss.

The second heroine who enters in the climax had acted well as well but unfortunately had only one tpuch from beginning to the end, she should work a little bit more on her acting with the help of the director. Suppose tomorrow something happens with this marriage.

Touch Chesadu Telugu Short Film

Arranged marriage itself is a scam. Shkrt story goes on, not to ruin the story I wouldn’t talk much more about it. In just 2 weeks you started liking Sriram So much!!

Whats wrong with you? Popular Tags Blog Archives. Does a fish in the water have tears? Well this independent short film runs for 45mins and 51secs, but the best part you won’t even k Mondeddula Vishnu 5 meses.


I want a drink. I got to speak with him for atleast two weekswhat kind of love is this??? Makes girls to think.

Touch Chesadu Telugu Short Film

Do you want one? But I still am game for it. I told everything about me. Is this what you do with chesaduu I think I heard this line somewhere!

You think you can bare me? I dont have any doubts.

I have always shared everything dhesadu you. Descargar por favor espere. Since childhood, for caring, you always needed me. Even I am saying the same thing.