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Audible Download Audio Books. The Final 5 teams are now separated again and race off against each other in Russia. They first speak to a goose lady in a foreign language and then either eat BBQ dinner or look for fossils in a cave. Retrieved June 29, Retrieved October 2, Audible Download Audio Books. Retrieved October 8,

Archived from the original on October 8, TV by the Numbers. The remaining nine teams travel to Alberta , Canada to consume a pot of pork and beans as well as riding a mechanical bull. Here, they take selfies over roaring Victoria Falls. Finland — Fresh TV”. The three protagonists, Josh, Yoko, and Brett, are among the students of a school However, it was another non-elimination leg so they are still in the race.

Noah forms a crush on competitor Emma. Argentina — Fresh TV”. The other super-team must do the other challenge. Three teenage girls from Beverly Hills attempt to rdionculous their lives as high school later university students with their undercover work as super-spies, battling an array of bizarre criminals.

The challenge is to swim with sharks and race on speedboats.

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race (TV Series –) – IMDb

The goths surprisingly win, and the vegans get last place, but since this is a non-elimination leg, they were spared for another episode, but with a penalty.

Retrieved October 5, presenta Being a huge fan of the series, I decided to give this spin off a chance and I had to say, this spin off is pretty good. Archived from the original on June 10, Medically Evacuated [a] 5th place. Fourteen teams now travel to Transylvania.


Showbiz Boy Tripping the Rift. The remaining 13 teams all travel to Hawaii now where the challenge is to surf and then climb a volcano.

All about the fight to win, no matter what. The Goths are penalized so they come in 12th instead. Retrieved February 19, They break up with one another before Don reveals it is another non-elimination leg.

Retrieved August 21, Dwayne 16 episodes, The eight teams go to Flores, Indonesia where they will collect Komodo Dragon venom and must find a rug that has the ridonculous race logo on it. The 13 teams still stand and they all go to the UAE in Dubai. There is no elimination in this leg. South of France — Fresh TV”.

The Ridonculous Race Episode 2 – None Down, Eighteen to Go – Part 2 HD – video dailymotion

rldonculous The goths come in ridlnculous and are eliminated. The sixteen teams now travel south to the Mediterranean Sea. It is also the least viewed episode in the series with under a million viewers on its release night.

The Rockers manage to bounce into first place, goths Crimson and Ennui lose their makeup, Josee finds out her lucky charm is cursed, and Noah nearly comes in last before being motivated by Owen. The Amazing Spiez — Archived from the original on February 13, Add Image S1, Ep9.

The Ridonculous Race Episode 2 – None Down, Eighteen to Go – Part 2 HD

Add Image S1, Ep Archived from the original on December 14, The seven remaining teams now travel to Las Vegas where they either ride Dune Buggies and collect three flags or perform a magic trick right in front of toyal magician. Retrieved September 1, The host Don is also good though Ridoncklous Drama works better with Chris. Retrieved September 3, However, it was another non-elimination leg so they are still in the race.


The eleven remaining teams go to Australia where they first enter Geelong Prison and e;isode escape by using various methods possible. The seven teams dace to Mexico where they must eat spicy peppers to determine which height they will jump from on a cliff to get the next travel tip.

Las Vegas — Fresh TV”. Retrieved September 11, The ten teams now all go back to Canada’s Wild West for a bean eating challenge and bull riding.

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

The surfers stand on the final carpet first so they are declared as winners of the race while the cadets arrive a moment later. Bahamas — Fresh TV”.

Retrieved September 2,