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Wendy’s First Big Mission!? I am NOT here for racism, sexism, phaggotry, or to be a douche to strangers. No one is ever going to always be there, no matter what they say or what they promise. The talking has already been done for us. Super is airing on one of the best TV networks in Japans, on one of the best time slots of the day. I had a feeling it was this one when you said it was your fav ED. I would call this a success, wouldn’t you? Was just goofing around youtube and it popped.

Have we transcended language to the point where we only communicate in YouTube links now? Super got it’s 4th lowest rating ever? A peaceful life with everyone around me, just as always. Originally Posted by Tabris. What is the Best Ongoing Shounen Anime? Here’s the ED in that long filler arc.

Not once was Dragon Ball ever mentioned in a similar fashion.

Toriko Episode 129 Discussion

You DO know that kids in Japan go to school on Saturdays dont you? No registered users and 15 guests. And with Kai there was similarly no 2 year plan as Kanzenshuu themselves said those rumours were from unsourced reports. I’m glad he recommended it.

Didn’t do RICE on my sprained ankles and thumb. Because you’re already deciding Super is losing viewership based on one week so there’s no reason not to do the same with One Piece, which you didn’t. I think I lost like 5 lbs so far. I don’t need to have an argument to point out the flaws in yours. Also, the manga isn’t the anime Ratings wise; Kai discyssion a success because the content Kai showed wasn’t dogshit.

Animated shows rely on merchandise sales, Kai doesn’t prove anything. Beyond a Friend’s Corpse Episode. Yes, I was pretty sure that was a false rumor, but really discuswion only point I was making with Kai is that Toei could have produced more episodes immediately if it was as successful as Dragon Ball Super. Obviously, the first episode of the tournament was so bad that Japanese disfussion decided to skip another terrible episode, furthermore, the second episode 98 was horrible as well and nowadays bad news travel fast.


Stay safe though bro.

Originally Posted by GoldenArmKid. Yet it’s been stuck in the same spot for two years, failing to grab any kind disckssion new audience and now losing it’s existing audience. Of course, we all know Kai went on to be internationally successful and Buu Kai was made later, but that’s another story. It’s much narrower than I expected the technician advised me to keep me eyes closed but I peeked once, thinking the wall of the tube would be inches from my face The YouTube video I just linked was actually a video I uploaded lol.

The first and last word on Super’s animation problems and why they exist.

They are skippable, but I’d watch the non-arc filler ones – they’re generally fun. Originally Posted by shreddedMUT.

Can I skip Fairy Tail filler episodes? When in-fact the ratings drop is too negligible to make a difference. I am not really bothered with tight spaces so I was more concerned about getting a random erection and having it push up against the machine.

It is an OVA so it doesn’t look as bad as its age. Super got it’s 4th lowest rating ever? I will not be satisfied until my pessimism crushes your spirit.

Originally Discussiin by Fride Kanzenshuu StaffGeneral Help. That’s why its potential is infinite. Fairy Tail Wizards Episode. Natsu Eats a Village! The talking has already been done for us. A Saturday morning airing for a cartoon is the most favorable time slot a cartoon can get, as that’s when programs designed for young children usually air their new episodes or episodes in general. Originally Posted by Synapsin. Plenty of anime never or hardly make the top 10 yet are successes.


It’s toeiko 3 weeks, and the pain isn’t getting any better.

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And you can’t move while it’s scanning your body, not even wiggling your fingers and toes. I’m pretty sure I said ratings wise Kai was a success. Last edited by Arsenalawi; at I would call this a success, wouldn’t you? You don’t like the show fine but let’s not go bending facts to meet your agenda. I’m on ep 75 atm. Does anyone have a list of it’s ratings archived anywhere? I had episoe feeling it was this one episodde you said it was your fav ED.

Originally Posted by Whalefood. Call of the Dragon Episode. Man that line is trying too hard. I just kept thinking Naruto wouldn’t be afraid of this chit, man the fuk up Welp, looks like the Japanese fans knew that the episode would suck and did not watch it ahead of time. Feels torimo to be back in the open world and having more than 2 inches in front of my face again.