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Explore the wildlands of Montana with your favorite robot. Kill the Nuances or Well Paul is sic…. We take a glimpse outside our little piece of ani…. This week, Jason and Gill dive into Berserk and discuss their favorite ultra-violent tv shows and movies. On this Toonami Faithful Exclusive, Sketch seats …. No reason I can give. We discuss the penultimate episode of Intruder II….

We kick off this episode with a few important ann…. Not in USA and want to watch Toonami? Shogo is completely falling apart! Explicit – We Punch Out. Sketch, Paul, Darrell and Caboose discuss episode…. If Apple Books doesn’t open, click the Books app in your Dock. TOM lurks underground to battle as a bug.

We’re nearing the end of our trip down memory lan…. Toonami editor Sara Hardy joins us for an exclusi…. Paul, Sketch and Caboose are joined by long-time ….

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Explicit Exclusive 34 – Colleen Clinkenbeard Interview. One of our most requested guests is finally on th…. We’re still catching up on the podcast but don’t ….

Explicit – Twisted Sister. This is it for our Attack on Titan and Bleach rec…. This week, Jason and Gill discuss Eisode and pick their favorite robot movies. The Faithful is where it is at! Darrell, Paul and Intruver shoot the breeze with Mi…. Specials One Man’s Trash. We are joined by friend of the podcast: Toonamette and Ranlsa return to help us send off …. Sketch and Paul are all by their lonesome for mos…. To celebrate the 18th Anniversary of Toonami, the….


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Explicit Top 10 Part 2. Toonamette classes up the joint intrduer we continue di…. Explicit Countdown Recap Episode 3. Sketch, Paul and Caboose discuss Toonami’s next a…. In this live uncensored episode recorded on July …. Trying out a couple of new things while exploring….

We sort of forgot which Time Warner property we w…. Yeah I appreciate the effort they put in, but man it feels like its a play on the nostaglia cords ‘Hey remember that time the intruder ate tom, here we go again. Sketch, Darrell, Duelist and Caboose toonamo the ….

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On this episode of the podcast, Paul, Sketch and …. Thursday Nights on NBC. Arthur Mesa joins us to speculate on Intruder II …. On the first interview ofwe sat down for a…. On this episode of Countdown Recap, we discuss Ep…. So Long and Thanks for all the Whales. Explicit Toonami Faithful Podcast – Unscripted. Sketch, Paul, Darrell and Colt discuss the second….


TFP – Nine All the Death but None of the Satisfaction. Suit up every Saturday, 12 — 3: Explicit – Uzumaki Barrage. Explicit Episode – Bye Bye Kai.

Take the fight to never-ending levels. Animation storyboard artist and friend of the sho…. Explicit – So Long Sword Art or Can he survive the oncoming storm?

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