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Retrieved November 20, , from http: Another important factor found by Heather et al. The data was collected after two weeks using self-administered survey method in which it was done through the distribution of questionnaires. Lastly, the lowest is others with only 1 percent. Learn new things from this drama Frequency Percent Strongly Disagree 23 Realities are every now and then unknown from observation, missing from society and only to be uncovered later by someone. Meanwhile, the lowest percentage is 30 to 35 years old that answered the questionnaire which is 24 percent. People watch dramas for different purposes such as they watch to kill time or escaping from boredom or worries.

The mutual effect of gigantic television coverage by viewers over time slightly shapes the sensitivity of social reality for individuals and eventually for our culture as a whole. In Malaysian media of environment, television has become the leading technological tool to disseminate the ideas of modernity through popular culture towards the audience. Moreover, literature review is also a focus to point out the gaps among the new researches studies with the former research study. Furthermore, 19 percent answered much and followed by 15 percent which is little. This study cannot generalized and not to be generalized according to the research sampling. As a final point, it is important to note the utmost common reasons delivered in the open-ended questions by those who give their opinion about the television adaptation from novel.

In fact, media is absolutely has a big responsibility on its shoulders which is to lead the community.

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Each 2 episode of Malaysian Dreamgirl covers the events of roughly a week of real teduhaj, and features a fashion challenge or p Todd Gitlin, Professor of Journalism and Sociology at Columbia University, perceives that media play an important role in influencing young people’s responsive states and ambitions which is even though if young people are tonto constantly paying full attention to what they are seeing or hearing, they are unprotected to the media for big totals of time Zenit.


Influence of dramas found almost each and every segment of society. Can relate to the character s on the drama Frequency Percent Very Little 12 Akademi Fantasia season 10 topic The episde season of Akademi Fantasia, also branded as AF, premiered on drqma September and concluded on 17 November on the Astro Ria television channel.

Plus, Aartsen found that Sinetrons establish a place also in the programs of Malaysian television during the year in when TV9 devoted an Indonesian drama slot on a regular basis to make sure its effectiveness with other television stations.

January 23, Erra Fazira idris khan papa para pelakon pelakon segera sinopsis suhan movies telemovie. Television drama serial is one of the traditional products which has high effect among viewers. This is because the most number of respondent involve, the most reliability in the data gathered.

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It is vibrant to teduha dissimilarities between these different types of effects, though they are normally confused in the community debate. Viewers must know and understand the factors of influences in viewing drama serial can be control and also handle from the negative sides. How Winter Sonata is Gripping Japan. The determination of sample size in this research is based according to the table of Krejcie and Morgan Dyah stated that many novels have been transformed into films widely nowadays.

Attitude is defined as negative or positive assessments of believed or object. The Journal of Comparative Asian Development, 6 2 Retrieved November 20,from http: Ahmad, Zura Sep Realities are every now and then unknown from observation, missing from society and only to be uncovered later by someone. It is recommended that the adaptors understand the vrama meaning of the text of the novel mechanisms and how the adaptors par.

Whether in parallel, as in traces the development of events in a novel or taking any by name as The Tale of King Lear, and as a result, work is the most important aspect, one must be responsible especially the adaptors, in presenting the message of the novel towards the texuhan and will not adjust so many things of the novel. Adaptasi Novel ke Filem: Please use your own words to give the best answers.


Lastly, this research courage to enlighten that as colourful as the drama serials that were created and has played an important role towards the development of creative industries, the Malaysia drama serials itself which represents Malaysia as a pleasant multicultural country. Media Research Cross-sectional Analysis 1st ed.

Furthermore, it influenced buying behavior of Japanese consumers in the context of clothing, cosmetics, DVDs of drama and trips to Korea too.

It was a popular form of entertainment until television took over. The questionnaire consisted of five 5 sections: It is prove when the popularity of local dramas is not unexpected plus it is understandable by cultural closeness as viewer have a preference to watch programs where they can simply recognize with in terms of matters, verbal and also looks among others Straubhaar, Besides that, very much with 27 percent and very little is 7 percent.

It is not called the fourth estate for nothing which it has the power to control the destiny of human society which that it can influences people of all age of group in such a situation the social responsibility of media becomes very important.

Different research questions recommend different methodologies. For the future studies, the researcher should enlarge their sample size. Another 21 percent is slightly disagree dramma 13 percent is strongly disagree that this drama serial teduhhan educate them and give good knowledge in their daily life.