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Kinda like seeing if Britney Spears was good in Crossroads, I guess? Dongsaengs, Noonas and Ajummas. Eun-gyul continues to be the heart of this show, and I love his every scene. I’m not sure why they don’t use him more often. She made her acting debut in the Lemon September 24, at 8: Someone more athletic looking or can act more energetically – like Krystal from the same group f x as her – would be better.

I am annoyed with Hyun Woo’s portrayal of the Nakatsu character which I think Toma Ikuta played to perfection but let’s not get into that. Why am I not surprised? Yoo Seung Ho and Sulli knew each other since they were children. She admits that she originally came here to see Tae-joon jump again. Eun-gyul, favorite character in this version. He is such a fine actor!

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Please leave a comment saying if you want to be added or removed to this list. He finds out Taejoon likes her too and that Taejoon wants her to stay by his side. I guess I am one of the few minority who doesnt find Jae Hee annoying.

LOL I love you. I’m not mentally checking out, I’m not ignoring all the plot holes and being shallow and fanwanked by the pretty. Kudos to min ho, he’s really doing a great j0b. I love Hyun Jae, he’s just such a real character besides his hotness.

LOL thats how I get through it too.

Why am I not surprised? Yeah, I agree with La dee dah. I just needed to replay that scene coz water dripping down his torso is just N I thought u would be fair n smarter than that Guess not: Jeannette October 3, at 2: Thanks for the recap. I also thought that the scriptwriters should put somemore life into Jae Hee’s character, I mean, I loved her at the beginning but she’s becoming pretty bland right now though probably because it’s more concentrated on Tae Joon and Eun Gyul’s feeling or whatever so she’s pushed back a little storyline wise.


I’ve always thought of Minho as the pointless extra. Taejoon had to help her out eventually. Thank you ebg the thoughtful careful recap. Anyways, just correcting you — ddramacrazy inconsistencies in this show don’t really bother me at all, I watch it to relax and enjoy the cute and the funny.

To the Beautiful You Favorite. He’s so earnest, it’s cute.

To the Beautiful You

Was agreeing that she doesn’t deserve him unlike, say, yours trulynot that they should be together. And her stylist should be fired!

Eun-gyul could be the best boy friend. I like the part at the end so much Yeah, I totally agree with the little birdie, gummi.

I think, in her case, they should have given her more lines to express her sadness or serious situations instead of relying on her face alone to tell her story. I keep watching all his cute face reactions And all Hyun-jae has to do to honor their deal is to beat Tae-joon in an upcoming competition.

NadineEsquivel NasiaWright nnatalieg O: Why does she need to go back to the US? She has somewhere she wants to take him anyway.

I’ve never even read the mangas so it’s easy to forget it’s not a drama on it’s own. Seems to me that scene was put in there just to distract us from any flaws that may be going on with the drama.

But suddenly he’s just gonna whip off the shirt sng start wooing her with his awesome bod? Which Drama Remake Reigns Supreme? When Jae hee asked him if he likes boys and his face when he thought Jae hee was coming back to him after deciding to go out with eun gyul only it was for the phone not him- LMAO so priceless, I could watch Minho being out in his place and jealous 5eva: She brightens when she hears that Tae-joon will be spending the night in the dorm and Tae-joon teasingly reminds her who the owner of gou room is.


Eun-gyul, favorite character in this version. I think the show do live up to its genre, youth and dream.

The only saving grace for me is Eun Kyul and seeing him go through heartache is eepisode much. He knows that he must have caught her off guard but he wanted to be true to his feelings.

You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Soo Yeon dreamed of becoming a pilot, but vision in one of his eyes was bad enough that he had to give up on his dream, he joins the general planning department. Feb – March 27 But I know that’s not what will happen.

I think he made me enjoy the character so much and I normally don’t care too much for secondary characters. When I saw Eun Gyul having another bathroom emergency. Hmm, are you being genuine or have another card up your sleeve? Literally, I have to watch any vids of Minho everyday and my laptop is getting heavier with Minho-related stuff!

Even setting up their bedding is a competitive task between them.

Witch’s Court Korean Drama Episode 9 Eng Sub

I told Gu Jae-hee that I like him. Jereme You’re Beautiful and Eun Gyul are the bestest matching dolls second leads episoe innocent bromance ever. The doctors proposed a liver transplant in her late stage liver cancer even though the success rate would be too low.

Minho’s my oppa but I would still join: I have enjoyed how he has been able to alter his face whenever Cramacrazy Joon goes through a change of emotion in a scene That scene when he was when excited to have dinner with Jae Hee.

Now who’s pulling my leg?