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It needs to be really, really good for me to take on another sageuk. Which means the drama loses out on some of the funny that can come from this. Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Jae-hee is now out of the bathroom, completely dressed. Choi Jong Yoon Supporting Cast. Julien Kang Supporting Cast. Kang Kyung Joon Supporting Cast.

Jae-hee goes to the bathroom next. She tells him that she learned fencing from her older brother. She thinks about her meeting with Tae-joon. Jang tells Tae-joon that they are going to a big hospital to get examined later in the evening. The muscle guy grabs Jae-hee to hit her but she ducks. I think Shinee endorses Etude, a female makeup company. TV To the Beautiful You.

Song Jong-min offers his old ones with a hole in them and tries to force Jae-hee to change but Eun-gyul stops him.

She gets up and crawls into the episoee to fetch a chewed-up tennis ball. Jae-hee takes the challenge. Also omg that J-Min song, freaking on repeat for me. Jae Hee will need an ally, and I am glad it is him.

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She quickly grabs a towel and wraps it around herself before Tae-joon comes in. She expertly defends herself with the plunger using some fencing techniques. tthe


Was Nakatsu good at playing soccer? And there is a sports competition coming up soon.

To the beautifu you Special Pt Thank you for asking instead of just taking e;isode. Choi Minho Main Cast. Lee Ah Hyun Supporting Cast. Goo Jae-hee sits down with her own plate of food and starts to eat.

One of the other boys throws a banana peel at Jae-hee.

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Lee Young Eun Supporting Cast. Jae-hee cheers even though she is on the opposite team. He fingers his ring necklace. The dog is the star of this drama. Seo Jun Young Supporting Cast. She needs that kind of skin to survive in this all testosterone environment.

She stares like a fangirl. I think this is a good drama for a painless, entertaining evening. Symbol is the blue dragon. Did she only work out her chest?

When it sees Jae-hee, it charges at her. Perhaps it will be good enough to keep me distracted from my wrist pain. Ki Tae Young Supporting Cast. Twitter Updates RT dmtroll: Tae-joon tells her that he will think about it if she scores a goal. An excited group of high school girls wait excitedly out the gates of Genie High School.


She wants to stay. Lee Drakacrazy Woo Main Cast. Lee Hyun Woo Main Cast.

To the Beautiful You

Ki Tae Young Supporting Cast. Kang Ha Neul Main Cast. Jung Yoo Geun Supporting Cast. He lathers his lips with gloss. The beautifuul between the dorms is fierce.

TV To the Beautiful You. Tae-joon tells her to vacate the room by tonight. Jang Manager reassures him that Tae-joon is all better. Tae-joon tells her to mind her own business and leaves.

Also thank you for some of the translations. Wish I could have gone to school or been near a school with so much pretty!