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When the whole “you betrayed me” stuff happened, Kyung-Tak never seemed to distrust Young-Hwi. Kim Jaejoong joins the cast as Kim Kyung Taek, a naval officer with excellent marital arts skills. I agree with people’s responses that you can choose not to read something, however, I can understand Maricel’s point as view as well. Announcements February birthdays Login Issue. She wheels away and Jin tries to follow her. Lordy, is that a rock wedged in her tummy? Except he fell into a world where the the Bandaged Man never existed.

Till then, he loses his sight on Young Rae along the way. Kim Nam Gil, I watched him first in Bad Guy and look for one with a happy ending rarely he dies in most of the dramas.. Retrieved January 12, Your email address will not be published. Not everyday you get to see that You sure made this Dr Jin’s experience a hella more fun! It has very steady rating, which is surprising, SK even put up with it.

Thanks for making me laugh so much every week for the past few months – I’ve enjoyed your wit and snark and talent for screencapping Dr Jin at his most hilarious moments sooo recal. I agree with people’s responses that you can choose not to read something, however, I can understand Maricel’s point as view as well. Jin sees a patient who is carrying some medical items.

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Now that Young-Hwi was no longer a traitor, to me he should have been able to revert to a full friendship with Kyung-Tak, not watching him from afar and saying “I want to protect him” without doing anything. Jin has finally come to an end. He performed another surgery to revive the minister and fecap waived of the crime accused of him.

The performers show a Joseon sword fight for the tourists. Are you going to perform surgery on him or something? Behind the Scenes for ‘Dr. Not that Kyung-Tak makes sense either. Back in the past, we see Young-rae wake from surgery. He checks his mobile phone but its screen is shattered and the battery itself is dead.


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Kyung Tak jumps in and attacks the soldiers so that Jin and Young Rae can escape. Ha Eung looks that the supply ship is destroyed and decides that they have to fight with their limited supplies. That is something that Kyung Tak cannot understand.

HeadsNo2 August 18, at 8: Same thing here, only the abrupt cutoff comes in the form of a cannonball exploding nearby.

Timezlip Eung volunteers to go to the fortress and inform the army. This show had potential but didn’t make use of it. Also, said getting tattoos is his stress reliever. Ji Sung was great in Kill Me Heal me. LOLS Wonder who the female lead will be! Jin goes to the hospital roof. Without gloves and with his hands tmieslip like a leaf, Hyuk pulls the rock out of Young-rae and starts suturing. So how is it recwp when Young-Hwi comes back, suddenly Kyung-Tak seems to distrust him and resent him for betraying him before?

However, Young Rae says that there are some unfortunate people who need help. Make it Count i havent had a chance to see it yet but I am liking the clips being shown!

The surgery ends and tells his colleague to put the tumor in the jar the similar one at the very first scene of this episode. In a move true to history, Ha-eung orders Young-hwi to gather together a special forces unit made of tiger hunters, planning to use their exceptional gunning skills as well as their balls of steel.


He goes over to meet her because he has something to tell her. Jin” was in negotiation.

Time Slip Dr. Jin Episode 22 (Final) Review

Thank you for this final recap. I didn’t see the J one. Kyung Tak and his officers stop the bandits from causing havoc. I fell in love with Lee MinHo and that started everything. It is based on the popular Japanese Manga series by Murakami and the original manga was made into a drama of the same name which aired in Japan on TBS in You know what was one of the worst medical mistakes they made?

Young Rae uses the money to buy rice and barley which will be brought to a place called To Mak. Mi Na claims that she uses it in her dream. Scene switches back to Dr Jin. MsGB August 19, at 9: And I have never laughed that much in a recap, ever.

But it turns out he says that Mi Na is heavy. He overcomes this pain and continues to finish the surgery. I have not watched a frame of this show but I enjoyed it at a safe distance, with a lot of huge laughs, because of your witty prose.

In the morning of the battle, they put the signal flag to Ha Eung. Maybe it really is Jinceptionand Hyuk is just in a parallel universe within a parallel universe where he gets to live happily with Mina. The main characters Dr.

KT lies on the ground, and Youngrae runs to him sobbing.