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Young-rae reads his mind and asks what kind of person Mina was, and gets awkward silence in return. The whole pepple falling ill around Jin is a bit ridiculous. He watches a man get arrested on grounds of being a member of Anonymous, a sight which Hyuk watches disapprovingly? But noooooo, he got rejected and immediately decided to get all grumpy-evil. None of which, of course, makes the story-line of this drama less dopey. I have watched lots of sageuks in the past and what I have noticed is that the people back in old Korea are quite allergic to change. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Jin doesn’t seem to be getting anything out of his experience.

Please check out the original and you won’t be dissapointed. I am starting to appreciate Japanese dramas after Jin. Back with Ha-eung, he has fire in his eyes as he replies to Young-hwi: Now I’m wondering just how much rubber tubing was stuffed nto Dr. Or something far more morbid which surgey can’t cure? Kim Dong Suk Supporting Cast.

And if he really wonders why he’s there or how he could get home, he certainly doesn’t DO much eposode it. Which is all fine and well, but where do we go from here? It was dead hectic just to see Jin keep ‘saving’ people.

Did you really have a gastric ulcer?


Or something far more morbid which surgey can’t cure? Flashback to a very young Chun-hong refusing to play the gayageum even as other young gisaeng-in-training are doing so around her, resulting in punishment. Then, I could have hated you.


He also is in love with Dr. Song Seung Heon Main Cast.

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Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. Their lives take another turn as they cooperate to manage the dread and trouble achieved by these apparitions. Thanks for the recaps though A messenger heads to Hwalinseo to order Heo Gwang to bring surgical supplies to the palace… are they joking?

I think they explained the parallel universe theory in JIN where you have multiple Jins 1,2,3,4,5 who were perfectly happy minding their business in their corresponding parallel universe a,b,c,d,e.

Time Slip Dr. Jin Ep 1 | Annyeonghaseyo!!!

Oh wow that’s a weird requirement! Well, now we know who our Hwalinseo fire-setter is. In episdoe case, Ha-eung was one generation too old to be able to take the throne after King Cheoljong died, but his son, Myeong-bok, fit perfectly within those generational parameters – which is why he could become king.

Which leads one to ask why did Fate step in?

It’s like they’re getting ill just for plot device. Hyuk blanches, all, You want me to go in there… by myself? An effectively harmed Park yields his life to spare Lee. Thanks HeadsNo2 for the recap. Is that what you asked? Jib is in a state of celebration, and Hyuk thanks Ha-eung for his help.

He is cautioned by Jin-pyo not to trust anybody and never to love a eposode, as doing so will put those beloved ones around him in epsode. Kyung-tak is dismissive, and warns her against embarrassing him with such talk in the future.


So he knows how this all plays out. Jin ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. As Jin Hyuk tries to practice medicine in a more primitive era, he is forced to invent medical devices and use his ingenuity to heal the people around him. Minister Kim chides him only a little, but is otherwise fine. None of which, of course, makes the story-line of this drama less dopey. Kim Byung Choon Supporting Cast.

Heo Gwang nods to Hyuk like, We did jij Young-hwi leaves them to hash it out, and notices Joo Pal making a suspicious delivery in the gibang. I mean if fate will step in and correct mistakes, what is the point of doing anything?

News of the meeting reaches Minister Kim and Dae-gyun, though Daddy seems unaware that his son planned an assassination attempt against Hyuk and Ha-eung. I felt like doctor Jin once.