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Pris July 4, at 9: YR buys some beans with her servant. He escapes to the Golden Triangle to raise the kid as his own and trains him in battling skills. JH is hiding in a barn looking at the ring box. He starts examining the Xray and start to operate on the person. The lamentable death was only putting things back in their place. Kim Byung Choon Supporting Cast.

But they have Chun-hong who is just as cleaver and with just the right weapons: Declining to act as a gisaeng, Seo-hwa concurs in the wake of seeing the ruthless demolishing of her sibling. Jin about her role and why he still didn’t figure out, but he will do someday And begin to wonder how thin is the line Kyung Tak is standing on. He takes out a ring box and chuckles. This show could have been much better, but despite the weak points in directing and script; the cast are compensating for that, as all are excellent in their roles. She bangs her head to him.

Jung Eun Pyo Supporting Cast.

Meta [Happily never after] Maybe Before reaching him, Dam swaps garments with her so she can flee amidst the night, while Dam is attacked by Gwan-woong, who sends men to discover Seo-hwa. I want him to be crazy dangerous.

They walk on the street and HE keeps spitting. Kim Myung Kook Supporting Cast. Wol-ryung seeks Soo-jung xramacrazy fortuneteller with various mysterious knowledge and skills to help him to dramacfazy into a human so as to be with Seo-hwa.

One of his men is running to the police department to report it seems. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. If there is no more future Mina then Jin can get with Young-rae. Hyuk and Young-rae are obviously shocked to see him, having had no idea of his Anonymous persona until now.

He starts asking JH questions about his home and ID stuff but he answers no to everything. Jin wasn’t allowed to watch tv as a youngster, thus accounting for his stomping through time, feeding his physician God Complex.


He instructs people to get him something. FOr him, morality or conscience plays a smaller part in his considerations. HE is going by himself and saw the poster of JH and is shocked. Kim Jaejoong Main Cast. Be that as it may, as the group wreaks ruin in Pyongyang, the five authorities prematurely end the plan to evade a worldwide crisis if the mission is uncovered. Sojung the fortuneteller later educates Kang-chi reality regarding his starting points, including the supernatural and tricky Gu Family Book, which holds the mystery to getting to be completely human.

Jo Mi Ryung Supporting Cast.

Episode 13

Jin, she seems to hide more secrets, because she told Dr. I did enjoyed the way he killed off Magistrate Pervert though. She touches his hand, he holds her hand. He takes out his galaxy phone with broken screen.

So whatever happened to the magical brain fetus Young hwi character is a good one that will be missed, now that he is gone, this will make Haeung work more to improve the situation for the people.

He would do anything for them and he could definitely go insane in this path looking for his dad recognition and approval. The Joseon police cornered him. I think his father loves and values him way more than his idiot brother but he only shows it indirectly. Still, the best parts of “Dr.

Notify me of new comments via email. I think Young Hwi is still alive, fell off the cliff and into the water but will reemerge later on. CH ———————————————————— Ep begins with voice of JH. JH wakes up find himself in a forest. They met some mobs who stop them.

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Jin Hyuk Song Seung Heon comes from a long line of doctors and goes to medical school and graduates at the top of his class as the youngest doctor.


But it is being done in a messed up way so I won’t be surprised if he lashes out at his dad. Yi Sun-sin, Master Dam, and the late Lord Park were a piece of a mystery aggregation securing the Joseon country against remote intrusion. Mary, yeah that was a good scene Lee Beom Soo Main Cast. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. You could have been this good all along.

HE calls after him but tripped over and break the jars which causes the police to notice him. Presently bleak and effectively moved to tears, she fills in as a cleaning woman at Kingdom shopping center.


Please enter your username or email address. On her way to see her brother, Young-rae and her maidservant come upon a village in the throes of a rebellion and, more specifically, a child who runs to them with her hanbok ripped. JH runs and bumps into a man who is sevrely injured. Kyung-tak rushes to the edge, calling out his name, but the magistrate seems oblivious and wants it to be recorded that he killed the rebel leader….

He did slp right thing by discovering the truth behind how the Queen was poisoned, he seemed to be deep in thought about Ha-eung words about how he was the only one who could set things right. KT is teetering btw good and evil and it would be very interesting to see how that struggle pans out.