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NG on May 26, at 5: Oneday,i cam across dis website n since tht tim it has changed my attitude towrds cat prepratn. If you realize that there is a problem with your basics, solve more and more Test Gym questions from the topics that trouble you. You can easily find them on NET. Hello Sir, thanks a lot for your guidance and support. Gaurav on January 28, at

Dear Sir, My Questions- 1. It is advised to start from this month as well. Can I seek your guidance, if possible. GP on July 28, at Also, try an solving as many different kinds of sets as you can. I hope you got some good calls this year. Is it mandatory to apply for each of the IIMs seperately?

Hi sir, With cat only a month away. Laxmikanth Hindi English Spectrum: Shikhar, likely to ti,e held in August. Apart from this, it is extremely important for you to go through the basics of Grammar.

During the analysis when i solve the questions at home,i am easily able to do 30 correct questions on an average in each mock but when i give it real time it drops down to giving around 80 min to QA. Given your srries scores, you have good chances for IIMB.

I am giving cat for the second time. Ur quant sectn is extrmly helpful. P All the best!! Tushar, it is good that you are aiming for something that you aspire.

From 85 to percentile in 45 days | GP ka Funda, MBA blog for CAT preparation

Sir, I just finished my 7th semester in BE but I have an arrear. GP describes his academic performance early in life as pathetic. Sir, I am getting these scores in CL mocks: Call me at anytime today or tomorrow to discuss the way forward.


One can get cues and create their own game plan. Eeries, please check it using the IIM Profilizer.

For admission you should clear all arrears along with your 8th semester exams. Kindly guide me as aicat how to prepare while working. Google has got me confused! The analysis process is explained in my blogpost Things you must-do after every mock you take. PG on July 18, at Team CL on October 21, at 5: Will doing the fundabooks again help or should i only focus on the mocks sextional tests and previous cat papers for improvement further?

I wish you all the best and hope that you succeed ror obtaining a seat in cst dream institute. Swagata Borah on April 13, at 9: Suraj on October 21, at 9: For your convenience, I have attached the analysis sheet I used for mock paper analysis Click to download.

You should focus on these colleges. There exists a section II 30 questions on Timd Well most of their sums go above my head anyways. As I am a repeater, I prepared well in advance, trying to clear my previous shortcomings. These two books are like Bible for the Quants section. This will help you identify whether you are choosing the correct questions in your mocks.

I took seies the mock cats and CAT solving all questions from first to last.

I have tried to consolidate my approach in this post; I hope it is helpful for the ones giving b-school entrances this amcat. Got new idea to solve questions and remember some repeating successive mutiplications.


I will clear my arrear at the end of 8th semester, but will it affect my chances of getting a call? The solved examples given in IMS are good but the unsolved ones are basically copy paste from the above two books. You get the full attempt videos by Gejo, Neeraj and I, so that you can yime yourself with different ways of strategizing for Mocks.

Should I even dare to think about IIMs with this profile?

From 85 to 99.88 percentile in 45 days

Each practice test and Mock CAT should be analyzed in detail to ascertain what worked or did not work for you. I suggest you to take a mock test every week till one month to the exam, after which the frequency should increase to two mock tests a week. Sanjana on July 6, at 9: One suggestion I have for you. For some mocks, I score around 97 percentile, while for others it goes to as low as 60 percentile.

Nasim on June 11, at 8: Besides I have tried some your tips of solving paper and it has helped. Dolna, there are few top B-Schools that do not consider previous academic records.