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Hey, it’s shiny time, it’s shiny time. Exhibit A Formal backpack. And an extra ticket for one guest! That’s why we came down here To support you. This night is about all of us. I thought you all wanted to be there tonight for me, but I was wrong. Of all the selfish things I’ve ever heard! I own this dream.

Yeah, and I know. No, I’m dizzy from playing head drums. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. All instruments can be dangerous to play. Can I tell ’em?! Some day you’re gonna take off that helmet And I’ll be waiting. All I had to do was stand outside his house doing this until he agreed to watch Austin’s video. I’m talking about the trash bag.

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We sit here all night feeling horrible about ourselves? Some day you’re gonna take off that helmet And I’ll be waiting. You gotta make make make ’em do a double take – What are you guys doing here? I don’t talk for a aand long time. Austin promised me the extra ticket. Welcome back to the Miami Internet Music Awards. I thought you’d never ask.

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I’ve been invited to the Miami Internet Music Snd It’s elbows Rubbing elbows. My doctor said I can’t perform for at least eight months.


You gotta make make make ’em do a double take.

You’re the perfect chord. Yes, you are such an elephant tractor pineapple.

Hey, you’re the two that were supposed to catch me. Shiny pants, shiny shoes, shiny shades, gotta watch ’em groove.

Nelson Rest of cast listed alphabetically: We’ll make ’em say “hey! You gotta make make make him do a double take.

yrashbags It’s shiny time, it’s shiny time. You gotta make make make ’em do a double take – Austin, please. Just in case, I’d better keep holding on to – Austin, hey. I’m gonna get a job at dress hut so I can get something new to wear. I really really wish my friends were here.

When Austin says yes to each one of them, he instead took Nelson. So we’re all on the same page? It’s Shiny Money and Austin. And the best part is you never have to worry about finding a trash can.

Our 5 Favorite Things About the Oscars. Please return the megaphone. I meant I understand how tough this ticket nonsense must be for trashbbags.

And this is how you thank your partner? Oh, and remember that time we got stuck in the elevator? When they had just realized it’s about Austin, they disguised themselves as dancers which gets chaos when Ally got a stage fright, and Trish and Dez made Shinny Money get hurt when he was trying to jump but landed face down the ground when Trish and Dez didn’t catch him.


You never know when you’re gonna be on camera. Uh, you’re talking to a trash bag.

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It’s garbage time, it’s garbage time. There’s no way I could make it without ya. This is way better than any of those real after parties. Guess who got a job at Megaphone World? I can’t wait to break out my red carpet walk. Look, Dez, I obviously wanna take you. I’ve been there for you through everything.